Catania, 8 years to the former post director because she “emptied” the accounts

Catania, 8 years to the former post director because she “emptied” the accounts
Catania, 8 years to the former post director because she “emptied” the accounts

May 24, 2024, 5.33pm

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CATANIA – The Collegiate Court sentenced to 8 years and 8 months Carmelina Antonella Sardo, 60 year old from Catania, for embezzlement. Former post director in Viale Artale Aragona, she allegedly made off with around one million euros from various current accounts, securities, policies and savings bonds belonging to Post Office customers.

The sentence was issued this morning by Third criminal section of the Court of Cataniachaired by judge Rosa Alba Recupido. The judges instead fully acquitted, because the fact does not constitute a crime, a financial promoter, Salvatore Raimondo Bordonaro.

The reasons for the sentence

Sardo is defended by the lawyer Salvatore Patanè. As soon as the reasons for the verdict are filed, the deadlines for any appeals by the defense will begin to run. Bordonaro, however, is defended by the lawyers Tommaso Tamburino and Roberto Russo Morosoli.

Bordonaro was also accused of embezzlement, in relation to a shortfall of 878,756.87 euros. Money that would have been taken from November 2013 to April 2016. According to the judges, however, he did not commit any crime. And the hypothesis, in practice, fell through in the courtroom.

The disputed episodes

In total, there are five incriminated episodes. Less than 700 thousand euros would have been collected through the extinction of policies in the woman’s name. According to the accusation, Bordonaro received part of the money through postepay top-ups, checks and bank transfers. The civil parties were also present in the courtroom.

The civil parties are assisted, unless additional lawyers take over or withdraw during the trial, by him lawyers Michele Liuzzo, Irene Maria Mazzeo, Mario Grasso Savio and Antonio Caputo. Cited as Poste Italiane Spa is civilly liable. The post office, it should be underlined, took action against Sardo, who was first transferred and then fired.

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May 24, 2024, 5.33pm

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