Marsala, procedures for the new landscape plan have been unlocked

Marsala – The Municipal Council chaired by the mayor approved the deliberative act, proposed by the deputy mayor Tumbarello and drawn up by the manager of the Planning and Urban Planning Sector, concerning the observations on the landscape plan of areas 2 and 3 “Western Coastal Plain Area”.

“We have taken note – the mayor and deputy Tumbarello clarify – of the report on the observations formulated by the manager Mezzapelle for the purposes of the subsequent passage to the City Council and this without going into the merits of the aforementioned observations, the judgment of which is up to the competent regional department”. There are 50 observations presented by citizens and they are now sent to the city council which is responsible for an initial examination. The final decision will then be taken by the regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity.

“I would also like to thank – specifies the mayor – the Hon. Pellegrino and the President of the City Council for having obtained the possibility of making new observations on the plan. It is a very significant result for the citizens who, after several years, have had the opportunity to formulate their proposals regarding the landscape plan”.

This instrument which, according to the law, is preparatory to the approval of the new general master plan, the plan of the RNO of the Stagnone and other regulations and plans of an urban nature, with its areas of protection: 1, 2 and 3, places constraints on different areas of the entire Marsala area. In particular, the areas most at risk are those 2 and 3 where construction activity would be significantly limited. Hence the need for changes.

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