Dulbecco di Catanzaro hiring, the unions write to Occhiuto


An urgent appeal and request for thehiring and stabilization of staff at the “Renato Dulbecco” University Hospital of Catanzaro. They are the instances that Sergio Maida (CISL Fp Catanzaro) e Dario Rizzo (Fials Catanzaro) address the governor of the Calabria Region, the Magnificent Rector of the UMG and the Extraordinary Commissioner of the “Dulbecco” of Catanzaro.

Maida and Rizzo’s concern starts from “a careful and in-depth assessment of the actual operations and critical issues that have been apparent for several years now in the hospital facilities of Catanzaro belonging to the Dulbecco Company”. CISL FP and FIALS also talk about “persistence of a serious shortage of staff, nursing, social health workers, technical and administrative workers which tends to get worse every day with serious consequential implications for related healthcare services (today and always maintained with a great spirit of service and self-denial by the staff on shift but no longer deferrable over time)”.

Hence the appeal to the governor of Calabria Roberto Occhiuto so that it prepares and activates, always acting within the framework of the “Dulbecco” Requirements Plan and 2024 Recruitment Plan, “first of all, what is necessary for the stabilization of personnel entitled and, in parallel, for the hiring of nursing staff, health workers and operators technical and administrative through the rankings still in force” without forgetting, perhaps taking them into consideration, those existing within the Company
“Renato Dulbecco” University Hospital of Catanzaro.

In this direction, making specific reference to the Company’s costs ascertained in the fourth quarter of 2023, Maida and Rizzo believe that the stabilizations and the related hiring can certainly take place in a very short time. “We have a lot of confidence – conclude the two trade unionists – in the always certain attention and in the active work demonstrated so far by the Governor towards health issues and in the necessary and no longer postponable cogent responses towards the users as a whole
towards healthcare workers who still live and work in great difficulty today daily.”

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