Andria is among the ten most attractive cities in Puglia in terms of tourism. It places tenth in the ranking, followed by Trani in 12th

Andria is among the ten most attractive cities in Puglia in terms of tourism. It places tenth in the ranking, followed by Trani in 12th
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Tourism and digital: an essential combination for a community that wants to welcome according to increasingly smart models. Yesterday at the Fiera del Levante at the Puglia Region pavilion, the municipality of Andria, together with the Digital Managers of the public bodies of all the Apulian municipalities, with the councilor for technological innovation Viviana Di Leo, signed the “Digital community pact # weareinPUGLIA”. With it the Tourism and Culture Department of the Puglia Region, the A.Re.T. Pugliapromozione and the municipality of Andria are committed to strengthening the tourist and cultural growth of the Apulian territory, enhancing the PUGLIA brand also with digital tools and services, joining the DMS Puglia platform, a digital container that collects data and information about the regional ecosystem of tourism and culture. An opportunity for the Municipality of Andria which will propose its tourist and cultural offer within the complete regional system of proposals.
On the same occasion, the tourist and cultural liveliness of the territories was rewarded, according to “The Data Appeal Company – Almawave Group”: the 5 most popular municipalities on the web and the most appreciated municipalities among the most touristically relevant ones. Among these, Andria was awarded for its tourist attractiveness, which ranked tenth, followed in 12th by the Municipality of Trani, the only two cities in the Bat Province. «A flattering result – comments the mayor Giovanna Bruno – which comes after some events that have seen Andria at the center of the national and international tourist movement. Just think of the Maison Gucci fashion show, the operations relating to the promotion of Castel del Monte – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the promotion of food and wine in a panorama that goes beyond Puglia itself, we remember Qoco – international competition for young chefs from the Mediterranean, the Castel International Festival of the Worlds, the “Stupor Mundi” Award… A good result, beautiful I would say. Not at all obvious, far from it. The result of constant work, on all the sectors that are a driving force for tourism, understood as deseasonalization and as integrated operations between our Frederick manor and the entire city. It is a promotion for our Community, which pushes us to do more and better.”

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