The Spirit Of Trance festival arrives in Piazza Trento Trieste

There are few universal languages ​​that have the same strength, the same impact and the same magic as trance music, a genre of electronic music born in Germany in the nineties which boasts a community of millions of people and a series of DJs who have been protagonists in the best music festivals around the world since time immemorial. For a single evening all this also materializes in Italy thanks to the one-day festival Spirit Of Trancescheduled in Piazza Trento Trieste in Ferrara on 28 June, starting at 8 pm, as part of the Ferrara Summer Festival.

Protagonists on stage Aly & Fila, Markus Schulz, Noyse Kompressor, Paul van Dyk and Vini Vici. A rare evening of its kind, in which the DJ sets of authentic champions will be celebrated in an atypical context such as a unique square for nobility and elegance, the symbol of the identity and tradition of Ferrara, ideal for creating an atmosphere capable of mix history and modernity.

The Spirit of Trance line up features the Egyptian duo Aly & Fila, among the very few electronic artists who have ever performed at the Pyramids of Giza, the German Markus Schulz, trance DJ par excellence if there was one, the Ferrarese Noyse Kompressor , a talent on the rise both in Italy and abroad, the German Paul van Dyk, present in the Top 100 of DJ Mag since 1997 and whose radio show Vonyc Sessions has just passed the milestone of 900 episodes and the Israelis Vini Vici, standard bearers absolutes of psy trance and who have an average of 200 shows per year.

Trance music has given life to authentic hymns, not only dance, including “For An Angel” by Paul van Dyk, performed several times also in orchestral mode, “Great Spirit” by Vini Vici and “It’s All About The Melody” by Aly & Fila. Songs with millions of views and streams, essential in the category best of, ready to excite all the participants of Spirit of Trance, an event for which massive participation is expected from both Italy and abroad..ò

Spirit of Trance is organized by Nexo Network with Madame Butterfly and is part of the Ferrara Summer Festival.

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