Washing machine, with this lever you halve your bill: nobody uses it

Washing machine, with this lever you halve your bill: nobody uses it
Washing machine, with this lever you halve your bill: nobody uses it
Washing machine – technological passion

The expensive energy is a truly serious and significant problem that is affecting not only Italy, but also all of Europe in general.

This situation began about a year ago to be precise, in particular when the first conflicts broke out in Ukraine, which led to significant consequences both on an economic and energy level. First of all we recall the reckless increase in the prices of the most basic foods, such as peanut oil, which has in turn been reflected in inflation at the level of the food sector in general.

In addition to this, we also recall the reckless increase in energy prices, both in its electric form and in methane gas. This increase in particular practically forced the main energy supply companies (such as Enel Energia, in the case of Italy) to increase their monthly energy bills proportionally, both for gas and electricity.

This is how the governments of the main European nations have fortunately decided to intervene quickly to deal with expensive energy, and thus help the most needy populations. In the case of the Italian government, for example, the energy bonus of 150 euros has been introduced, which can be deducted directly from bill items, as well as all the tax breaks and deductions reserved for the purchase of new generation household appliances in particular, which by consuming less allow you to save significant sums at the end of the month.

Unfortunately, this was not enough for many Italian families, who, despite the precious aid from the state and the regions, are unable to make ends meet, especially in cases where they are made up of 5 or more members, and receive only one income per them inside.

This is how today we decided to provide you with some useful advice and tricks, in order to save money on the next bills that will arrive at the end of the month.

Useful tips

Today in particular we are going to focus on the washing machine, one of the appliances that we undoubtedly use the most in our daily life to wash and perfume our clothes. In fact, there is a particular lever that allows you to save considerable amounts of money at the end of the month: let’s find out together what it is.

In fact, there is a lever in correspondence with the detergent tray, which by pulling it allows you to perform a thorough washing of the same tray: in this way we will be able to eliminate and remove all the detergent residues that have formed.

Vaschetta – Technological passion

In addition to this, we also advise you to do an empty wash using citric acid (the one present in lemon, to be clear) in order to significantly lengthen the average life of the washing machine itself.

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