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There is no radioactive cloud over Europe today, despite the words of Putin’s “hawk” – -

There is no radioactive cloud over Europe today, despite the words of Putin’s “hawk” – -
There is no radioactive cloud over Europe today, despite the words of Putin’s “hawk” – -

Nikolaj Patrushev, secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, said that Moscow has bombed a cache of weapons from the West, including weapons with depleted uranium, and that a radioactive cloud is heading towards Europe: but possible?

The radioactive cloud alerts they are never to be taken lightly. But precisely for this reason they must be weighed while remaining anchored to what can be proved.

Nikolaj Patrushev, secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation (we can certainly consider him a hawk of Putin), leaked the news that an arms and war material depot with depleted uranium would have been hit
sent from the West and what a an unidentified radioactive cloud would be moving towards Europe, in the Polish area. According to Patrushev, quoted by the RIA Novosti agency, an increase in radioactivity levels has already been reported in Poland. Country from which there is no confirmation: indeed, the Polish National Atomic Agency has defined Patrushev’s words as false, explaining that there are no dangers in this sense.

Let’s start scientifically certain facts: as confirmation Alexander Dodarohead of the Enea Department on fusion and nuclear safety, depleted uranium a heavy metal that it cannot in any way be the cause of any radioactivity phenomenonleast of all in the air.

As a heavy metal it has no radiological profile. Indeed called impoverished because it has a weaker radioactive component than the uranium itself which is already found in naturein the water and in the middle of the ground (and which, it should be remembered, to become, for example, fuel for nuclear power plants, must undergo an enrichment process).

So, going back to the facts: if a depot of war material with depleted uranium has been hit, we can be certain that there can be no consequences either at the level of dangerous clouds that can be transported in the air, or at the local level (apart from the explosion, of course).

Another concrete fact of particular importance. We are no longer in 1986 when the explosion of the Chernobyl plant occurred
. As some may recall, it took days to detect the first signs of the toxic cloud that was moving with radionuclides through Europe (it also reached Italy, reaching the point of contaminating milk and vegetables due to the rains). But today? At least they exist two real-time radiation detection networks for the area: the first that of Joint Research Center of the European Commission. Which is continuously updated with the control units and sensors scattered throughout the territory, not only in Europe, and which does not give any alarm signal (at the moment, paradoxically, there is a small signal, in any case within the norm, which arrives from Lebanon for possible material movements).

The continuously updated map can be viewed by everyone at this address.

The other source clearly that of the IAEA, the international agency that manages the most delicate international nuclear issues, the same agency that in recent months has entered Chernobyl and other Ukrainian power plants such as that of Zaporizhzhia and has denounced the complex situation of these sites. No signal from the IAEA. The news, as it was given, cannot be considered true on the part that pertains to the radioactive consequences.

May 19, 2023 (change May 19, 2023 | 2:42 pm)


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