TV, Rai begins testing for DVB-T2: millions of sets to be changed by the end of the year

Rai’s tests for digital terrestrial broadcasts with the DVB-T2 protocol will begin on Tuesday 28 May, as required by the service contract.
The switching on of Mux B Rai in DVB-T2 is currently confirmed for next August 28th – we read on the site specializing in digital technologies

Digital terrestrial channels on TV are changing

Certainly in the new Mux (Multiplex, i.e. group of television channels transmitted digitally on the same frequency) there will be Rai 1 HD, Rai 2 HD and Rai 3 HD.
Depending on how many and which channels will be moved to the DVB-T2 transmission system alone, it becomes essential to understand how many decoders or televisions will have to be replaced.

According to the latest estimates, the number of televisions in Italian homes that are not yet suitable is in the order of tens of millions.

The first tests scheduled for the night between Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th May will only be of a technical nature on the transmission systems and will have no effect on reception on home televisions. But as the weeks go by, there could be changes that will also affect the reception of some channels, until the definitive reorganization expected for the Rai channels by 28 August.

Dvb-T2, how to find out if your TV is compatible?

A good way to check if your TV is compatible with DVB-T2 – explains the website – is to try tuning in to channel 558, i.e. Rai Sport HD encoded in HEVC. “If you can see, everything is ok, since all HEVC TVs are also compatible with DVB-T2”.

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