Big Brother, Federico Massaro furious against the former tenants: «Fake and double agents»

Big Brother, Federico Massaro furious against the former tenants: «Fake and double agents»
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The experience inside the house of Big Brother was very important for Federico Massaro who met very important people and cultivated great friendships like the one with Vittorio and Beatrice. Yet there are some ex-roommates with whom he wasn’t exactly at ease with her and who, after the reality show, she has never heard from again.

After numerous questions from his followers, Federico answered clearly.

Federico’s words

Federico Massaro he revealed on his Instagram profile: «What didn’t I like about the former gieffinis who disappointed me? The double dealing, the fake friendship, talking behind one’s back, making fun of oneself, being fake, making things up, doing a lot of fake dynamics by getting along with other people. Having left Big Brother, these people I’m talking about have done worse, they’ve disappeared, except for the classic ‘happy birthday and best wishes’. And that’s it, so yes, there have also been people like that, but I must say that most of the former Gieffini have surprised me in a positive way, but yes, there are also people like that.”

But who is he referring to? Definitely not to Beatrice Luzzi, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Vittorio Menozzi And Rosy Chinwhich he always speaks highly of.

The words about ex-roommates

«What if I saw Bea now? I would hug her very tight, I would tell her that I missed her, simply. She is a great woman with enormous experience, she has faced many things in her life and she has done it very well. Some of which you also saw on Big Brother. Joseph? I feel it, I told him that when he returns to Milan we absolutely have to see each other”, said Federico, then continuing with other background information, “Everything is fine with Vitto, he is my little brother. The restaurant of Rosy? I would like to point out that this is not an advertisement. You cannot understand. In Milan I have been to a lot of very good places, but I was left speechless by her. Not only for how the place is, for the welcome, but also for the food, for everything put together. For me it was a real experience and it was worth it.”


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