That photo of Joe Biden and Giorgia Meloni “hands on”

That photo of Joe Biden and Giorgia Meloni “hands on”
That photo of Joe Biden and Giorgia Meloni “hands on”

Joe Biden and Giorgia Meloni, hand in hand. No, this is not an AI-created image. The cameras present at the G7 meeting in Hiroshima actually captured the American president and the Italian premier as they walked side by side, shaking hands and crossing their fingers. A shot, this one, on which comments were certainly not spared. The appearance of a second photograph of the two leaders, immortalized in an embrace, did the rest. And in less than no time, as you can easily imagine, the classic controversies started on social networks. Particularly ferocious towards the Italian premier, accused of being far from “home” in these very complex days due to the natural catastrophe that has engulfed Emilia-Romagna.

In reality, the gesture was revealed by some media: the president of the United States shook her hand and embraced Giorgia Meloni expressing words of support, solidarity and comfort for the victims of the flood. In addition to Biden, French President Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida, together with EU Council President Michel, offered condolences for the victims of the flood.

Let’s rewind the tape. As we said, the shot between Biden and Meloni was not liked. Not a bit, according to what we read online. Although – in theory – it was quite clear that she was not hiding any malice. Let alone a secret relationship. Moreover, already during the previous evening, the Italian premier had made it known that she had anticipated her return to her homeland precisely because of the bad weather emergency. Moreover, in a press conference, she had confessed that she could not stay away from Italy. «I need to work personally to give the necessary answers. My conscience requires me to return », she had declared, adding that today, on returning from Japan, she would have immediately visited the territories affected by the flood. A change of plans which, however, was not welcomed by many Italians. «Meloni says that her conscience” forces her to return “. Yet her conscience did not prevent her from leaving and going to embrace Zelensky, for the umpteenth time, and Biden », writes a user.

Already. Photos with Zelensky. Shots that had, already in their time, raised several controversies. And which now, with the new “offending” photo with the president of the United States, are only making the situation worse. “Why do all these neoliberals want to show their closeness to a fascist?” comments an internet user. “In this shot, Joe Biden is holding Giorgia Meloni’s hand: a good representation of how liberalism and fascism interact.” Another user, on the other hand, always in the wake of political preferences, observes: “I really can’t understand how Giorgia Meloni, who claims to be right-wing and a patriot, managed to throw herself into the arms of the Democrat Joe”. And again: “Biden doesn’t even remember that Meloni is pro Trump”.

But it doesn’t end there. In fact, it seems that every shot of the Italian prime minister “stolen” during the G7 is causing discussion. After Joe Biden and Volodymir Zelensky, photographs with the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, also ended up in the viewfinder. Again, the photographers captured the two women in the middle of an embrace. And not only. Another shot sees Ursula von der Leyen and Giorgia Meloni, both dressed in pink, laughing heartily together. And here, then, other comments. «Doing public relations is fine, but here there is understanding. What were you saying? We would like to laugh too », reads a twitter, which is followed by an answer – once again – with a political background. “I did not expect that Meloni, after what she was saying from the opposition, could become a friend of Biden’s secretary”.

But let’s go back to the “offending” photo par excellence. That handshake, all too romantic, between Joe Biden and Giorgia Meloni. In addition to pointing the finger at the premier away from home, users indulged themselves, taking the opportunity to be ironic about the shot. “Find someone who looks at you like Meloni looks at Biden,” writes a user for example, referring to the gaze of the Italian prime minister, smiling and relaxed, while he looks at the president of the United States. Still someone else follows up on the joke: “Look at her eyes, they speak”.

Different speech, however, for some users who say they are closer to reality. For some, Giorgia Meloni’s gesture is nothing more than a way of “taking care” of the American president. “Biden has dementia. Giorgia Meloni is simply a kind person and makes sure that she is following the right path », observes a user, trying to interpret the reason for those crossed fingers. While someone else, on the other hand, points out: “If Trump replaces Biden, will Giorgia Meloni also invoke comfort in the affectionate arms of the tycoon?”

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