What a newly revealed group chat reveals at Gwyneth Paltrow’s trial

What a newly revealed group chat reveals at Gwyneth Paltrow’s trial
What a newly revealed group chat reveals at Gwyneth Paltrow’s trial

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AOnline posts by a man who sued Gwyneth Paltrow over a ski collision seven years ago may have changed the course of the bomb trial, but it was only discovered by an online investigator after both sides of the litigation are not can you recover it.

Lawyers for Terry Sanderson, 76, have argued that the Hollywood star rammed him into the slopes of Mount Flagstaff at Deer Valley Resort on Feb. 26, 2016. Sanderson claims Ms. Paltrow rammed him with a “full body blow leaving him with a permanent traumatic brain injury that robbed him of “his zest for life.”

Meanwhile, Paltrow says it was Sanderson who met her.

New evidence was revealed earlier this week after online detective Michael Fletcher gained access to a link Sanderson emailed to his three daughters after the collision, which the defense initially claimed was broken . Talk to tIt’s independent On Wednesday, Mr Fletcher said he just needed to create a Meetup account and return to a group chat discussion the day the ski accident occurred.

“I attended the trial. It’s the most important piece of evidence,’ said Mr Fletcher after they went on to say: ‘Mind you, I did all this with a mobile phone.’

The newly revealed letters between Sanderson and witness Craig Ramone provide insight into their new reactions after the crash, unlike their version of what happened on the Deer Valley trails seven years later.

While some of their observations on the Meetup forum match the accounts jurors have heard so far in the seven days of the trial, others are somewhat at odds with what Sanderson and Ramon witnessed.

Here’s how these posts compare to what’s been said so far in the process:

Has Mr. Sanderson been skating again?

One of the claims at the heart of Sanderson’s argument is that the collision with Mrs. Paltrow deprived him of his “glamour” and his “glamour of life”.

The jury heard that Sanderson could no longer enjoy the activities that brought him joy — dancing, wine tasting and skiing — due to his cognitive decline.

“I researched this skating group and went back in 2014 to all of that group’s previous events that Craig Ramone and Terry were at,” said Mr. Fletcher. The independent.


But Mr. Fletcher said he found a post on Oct. 22, 2016, which hinted that Sanderson had at least tried skiing in the aftermath of his crash with Paltrow.

The post reads: “…planning to join the Alta Ski group for mixed abilities. We usually ski mid-week and some Sundays…”

Mr. Sanderson testified on Monday that despite his doctor’s instructions not to ski again, he tried to do so without success.

He told the jury: “I was told that if that happened and I had another accident, I could end up in a nursing home full-time.”

Was Craig Ramone aware of Mrs. Paltrow’s celebrity status?

Upon defense cross-examination last week, Craig Ramone says he only learned of Ms. Paltrow’s celebrity status from another member of the Meetup group he and Mr. Sanderson were skating with on the day of the collision.

Mr. Ramon said he was initially told by Erik Christiansen, the son of Ms. Paltrow, Moses’ ski instructor, that Mr. Sanderson ” [taken] Outside Gwyneth Paltrow. ”

Then, on Tuesday (March 21), another skater testified to her that the Hollywood star was “with the guy from Coldplay” — likely a reference to Chris Martin, the band’s frontman and Mrs. Paltrow’s ex-husband.

In fact, Ms. Paltrow was skating with her two sons, Apple and Moses, and then-boyfriend, Brad Falchuk.

Mr. Ramon also claimed that Mr. Falchuk glared at him as he passed an unconscious Mr. Sanderson whose face was still buried in the snow.

(interview / screenshot)

But when he recounted the collision days later in a Meetup chat, Mr. Ramone offered a more colorful look at his knowledge of the Goop mogul.

“Gwyneth took Terry out last week. Her son broke his arm skateboarding in Park City last Saturday,” wrote Mr. Ramone. “Gwyneth was in Montague. I flew her from Million Air. I would like to meet many other people. What makes me angry is that Gwyneth took Terry out and she left.”

Though the post echoed Ramón’s earlier testimony about that version of events, Paltrow’s lawyers attempted to undermine her claims that she was barely aware of Paltrow’s fame.

After the Meetup posts were accepted in court on Monday, Mr. Ramon took the stage again to explain his remarks. He told the jury that “a lady he knew in Montague” had told him that Mrs. Paltrow was there and that he only knew about his flying arrangements because another friend worked at Million Air.

“I knew Gwyneth took Teri out, so when I saw her she told me what happened, I didn’t ask,” she said.

Faced with her claims that Mrs Paltrow’s son was false, she said: “I have no idea, that’s what I was told.”

Was Mr Sanderson really bumped into by Mrs Paltrow?

In the recently revealed posts, Sanderson didn’t say who was to blame for the crash, but testified on Monday that he “didn’t like celebrities.”

When asked why he sent an “I’m famous” email to his three daughters just hours after the collision, he said “another personality” had taken over.

“My head was confused. All I was desperately trying to do was connect with my kids before they heard from anyone else,” Mr. Sanderson told jurors. “I didn’t choose my words well and it just didn’t sound like how I felt… I was really trying to add some oomph to a dangerous situation and it backfired. I didn’t know it was here that we would have been.

Gwyneth Paltrow says she ‘lost half a day skiing’

She then said, “I don’t like the celebrity cult, so at that point I didn’t care… it was the other personality inhabiting my body.”

Mr. Sanderson only commented on his injuries on a skateboard meetup.

“Thank you all for your concern… It’s official ‘at least two broken ribs and a concussion’. My ribs only hurt when I move…,” she wrote at the time.

How long did it take for Mr. Sanderson to remember his name?

In a 2019 deposition, Ramon told Paltrow’s attorney that Sanderson did not know his name when he regained consciousness after the collision.

However, she said at the time that after a few seconds Mr. Sanderson remembered and nodded.

He then told the jury last week that Sanderson did not remember his name and confronted the defense with his previous statements.

On the Meetup forum, Mr. Ramone wrote: “The thing you didn’t see was Scott peeling off. A nasty blow to the head! I’m not sure Terry broke his ribs. I saw the shot. Terry didn’t know his name. I asked Terry for his name and he didn’t. “He knows. Scott really freaked me out.”

“When I first asked him, he couldn’t remember his name,” said Ramon, who was questioned again on Monday.

Mr. Ramon confirmed that he thought it took about six seconds to remember Mr. Sanderson’s name, but wasn’t sure because he wasn’t calculating it.

Another post from Mr. Sanderson reads: “I was so happy to see this sled come out… I really didn’t know from below…”

What is the extent of Mr. Sanderson’s injuries?

One of the comments disclosed by Mr. Sanderson shows the first signs of his concerns about the impact of the collision on both his physical health and his personality, which is the primary issue in his lawsuit.

(We meet )

“Concussions cause some pretty bizarre physical and interpersonal problems unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I hope it comes quickly…” Mr. Sanderson wrote.

Mr. Sanderson filed a damages claim in January 2019 and is seeking $300,000 in compensation for the injuries he sustained, prompting the actress to file a counterclaim asking for a nominal $1 should she win and cover her legal costs.

During the first six days of the trial, Mr. Sanderson’s attorneys and medical experts described how the injuries were most likely caused by someone hitting him from behind and attributed marked changes in mental acuity to the injuries that day.

Paltrow’s lawyers have attempted to portray Mr. Sanderson as a 76-year-old whose decline has followed a natural course of aging rather than the result of a collision with their famous client.

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