Tatjana Patitz causes death and son

Tatjana Patitz causes death and son
Tatjana Patitz causes death and son

Tatjana Patitz leaves behind a son

On January 11, 2023 he left us Tatjana Patitzone of the most famous supermodels of the nineties.

The supermodel, one of the first ever in history, had only 56 years old. The news of his death was confirmed by agent Corinne Nicolas. The model is survived by her 19-year-old son Jonah, a sister and her parents.

Tatjana Patitz was also reminded a Deejay Call Italy. To listen to Linus and Nicola’s words, click on the video below.

Tatjana Patitz is dead: the words of Linus and Nicola

Tatjana Patitz’s illness

As confirmed by her agent a People after the announcement of the disappearance spread by Vogue, Tatjana Patitz is dead to cause of a breast cancer.

He leaves a son, a sister and his parents. We are all devastated by his passing. She was a compassionate soul, kind and generous at heart and an ardent advocate for animal rights. One of the major causes she championed was the preservation of wild horses. Corinne Nicolas

The supermodel was hospitalized for some time in a hospital in Santa Barbara, California, where he had been a resident for years.

From Sweden she moved to America, where she became one of the cornerstones on which the supermodel phenomenon was built in the early 1990s.

Tatjana Patitz’s career

Tatjana Patitz was born in Hamburg in 1966, to an Estonian mother and a German father. Born in Germany but raised in Sweden, she began working in the fashion world at the age of 17 in Paris, posing among others for Peter Lindberghthe photographer with whom in 1988 he will create what will become the manifesto of a less artificial and more natural beauty, that is the famous shooting on the beach wearing only a white shirt, disheveled and without make-up.

In 1985 Tatjana Patitz appears on the cover of Vogue (British edition) for the first of many times: in total there will be more than a hundred.

The supermodel has paraded for Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Valentino, Chanel and many other famous brands on a global level. She was featured in ad campaigns for Revlon, Dupont Carpets and Ralph Lauren, as well as starring in two films (rising sun of 1993 and I invite you to kill from 1999) and appearing in several music videos.

Tatjana Patitz in Freedom! ’90 by George Michael (but not only)

Of memorable pop culture moments in the career of Tatjana Patitz there are many. Like when in the video of Tell me of 1988 of Nick Kamen the model became a giantess and treated the singer, her boyfriend at the time, as if he were a toy.

There Patitz also appeared in the videos of Skin Trade by Duran Duran e make me bad by Korn, but the song for which she is most remembered is definitely Freedom! 90’s Of George Michael released in October 1990,

This song is famous precisely from a visual point of view for having created and celebrated the moment of the so-called “supermodels” of the eighties, which already existed but which in that period experienced the most popular season ever. – Linus

A twenty-four year old Tatjana Patitz she appeared in the video for the song alongside colleagues Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington. After them there were many other famous models, but not so famous and not so many all together on the scene.

Tatjana Patitz, the memory of colleagues

The nineties supermodels mentioned above gathered again today, in a virtual hug, to pay homage to their colleague who died prematurely.

Cindy Crawfordqueen of American top models, recalled the numerous shootings together with Tatjana Patitz, emphasizing how “babies”, “very young” they were at the time. Of her he remembers “the sweetness, the sensitivity, the kindness, the curiosity and those penetrating eyes”.

Claudia Schiffer greets the colleague remembering his immense love for animals, while Christy Turlington dedicates the longest, most articulated and heartfelt post to her, recalling the first meeting with the Swedish model. At the time Christy was only 16 years old, she was just starting out and she made Tatjana angry for being late on set, but the day then went smoothly and a good understanding was created between the two.

We drank champagne from the hotel minibar, ate Toblerone and smoked cigarettes. Tatjana was a vision. Glamorous, sophisticated and welcoming. I could have watched her smoke and speak the thousand languages ​​she knew all day long. To me she was the embodiment of sophisticated European style. – Christy Turlington

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