Batons and kicks to block a transsexual woman in Milan

Batons and extreme violence. A woman on the ground, surrounded by some agents. One of them hits her with a truncheon, another injures her with pepper spray. Then, they try to handcuff her and she gets another blow. These are the frames of a video that captures an intervention by the local police, which took place this morning in Milan.

It all would have started in the Parco Trotter area, where the trans woman would have annoyed some children and passers-by outside a school. At that point the Locale would have stopped her – not without effort – of her, would have loaded her into the car and would have tried to take her to the offices in via Custodi.

Tranny beatings

On the way, however, the woman would have continued to go into a rage and would have feigned illness, forcing the cast iron to stop. Then, after an escape attempt and after injuring two officers with kicks, she would have been blocked as seen in the video. Now the Milan prosecutor’s office is carrying out investigations into the case: the deputy prosecutor Laura Pedio and the prosecutor Marcello Viola have been informed of the matter.

An investigation file will be opened. “It is certainly not a beautiful image, on the contrary it is a serious fact”, said the mayor of Milan, Joseph Sala. Then, he continued: “However, in order to formally intervene it is necessary for the local police to make a report, pending this report, the policemen in question have been placed in internal services.

Then in the light of the result of the report, two things can be done: take measures, such as suspension or even get to make a complaint, something not to be excluded, on our part to the Judicial Authority”.

The Senator of the Alleanza Verdi Sinistra Ilaria Cucchi announced: “We will bring the case to the Chamber“

Senator of the Green Left Alliance Ilaria Cucchi

Senator Ilaria Cucchi of the Alleanza Verdi Sinistra announced: “We will bring the case to the Chamber. The images we see are very serious and must not leave us indifferent, because using batons, especially in that way, is forbidden”.

The dismay of Vladimir Luxuria



Vladimir Luxuria: “The beating of a helpless trans person in Milan is so angry that I can’t watch that video without shivering”

“I was able to see that video only once because there is a person sitting on the ground and helpless, who was not threatening anyone, kicked, beaten, dragged and immobilized not by neighborhood bullies, but by men wearing uniforms of the municipal police in Milan”. These are the words of the former parliamentarian and activist Vladimir Luxuria on the video of the agents of the local police of Milan who beat a “foreign trans” underlining:

“These people don’t deserve the uniform they wear and I hope they will be immediately stripped of the uniform they offend”. However, Luxuria also invites us to “reflect on the climate of hatred that foments a certain policy which, obsessively, speaks of the threat ofgender ideology.

These are unfortunately the consequences of a climate of transphobia and violence to be condemned without ifs and buts”. Finally, Luxuria thanks the “women who filmed the scene: without them we would never have known it and who knows how many other episodes we don’t know”.

The political controversy and the condemnation of social media



A frame of the video shot during the “detention” of a transsexual by four agents of the local police of Milan

The video depicting four agents of the local police of Milan who try to immobilize a transsexual and beat her with batons has also sparked controversy on social media. There are those who speak of the “disproportionate behavior” of the Milanese policemen, “I hope they will be reported” someone adds because she “in fact already immobilized but they launched themselves with pepper spray, kicks, with batons to the chest and head”.

Then there are those who ask that the policemen be removed from their post, “an aberrant massacre!! Find them and kick them out” or who observes, “I expect the same enthusiasm in the fight against crime against the drug dealers armed with knives and bottles in the Central Station”.

“Barbarism – he wrote Marco Furfaro – If the person in question apparently annoyed children at the entrance to a school and threatened the police with infect them with AIDS the question changes” there are those who replied.



A frame of the video shot during the “detention” of a transsexual by four agents of the local police of Milan

“Transphobic hatred” is another accusation against the police that is repeated in many posts on Twitter. And he’s also talking about Transphobia again Vladimir Luxuria: “The beating of a helpless trans person in #Milan is so angry that I can’t watch that video without shivering. Those little men don’t deserve the uniform they wear.”

In defense of the agents

On Facebook there are also those who defend the work of local police officers: “He was a Brazilian trans man who molested children and escaped by attacking officers. Before giving a priori against those who enforce the law, inform yourself” comments Andrea.

While according to Marco “in other countries the boy/girl would have received the same treatment”. “At that moment they are not people, they are the State and the State should not club you in the side while you are unarmed and sitting on the ground and hit you on the head to make you lie down… madness!” adds Manuel.

The voice of the union

The local police officers portrayed in a video in which they block a trans woman in Milan using pepper spray and batons “are now on internal service. They’ve already been convicted by the commissioner before we know what happened. And we don’t allow him, Sala or anyone else to do it.”

The comment to what he considers a “shame” is by Daniel Vincini of the unitary union of local police workers in Milan. “I would like to see if their children had been in front of that school. We – she explains – defend our colleagues who are agents who have saved lives. Decorated agents who have been rewarded by the mayor for the high-level activities they have carried out ”.

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