Lazio, one point to secure the Europa League

A draw against the already relegated team Sassuolo would be enough for the Lazio to secure sixth place and qualification for theEuropa Leaguethus avoiding the eventuality – although unlikely – of having to participate in the Conference League. The latter possibility would only occur in the event of a defeat against Sassuolo and a victory for the club Florentine in the recovery againstAtalanta on June 2, with an overtaking based on goal difference. In practice, only if Lazio finished seventh would they be forced to participate in the third European club competition. If Fiorentina, finishing eighth and winning the Conference, moved up to the Europa League, that would also free up ninth place.

According to what was reported by Corriere dello Sport, Tudor aims to conclude the cycle of matches that began after the break at the end of March in the best possible way, also to face future talks with the management with more conviction. His impact was remarkable- 17 points in 8 games – a performance that kept Lazio’s hopes alive for the Champions, even if in the end it had to “settle” for Europe. Now the objective is to consolidate this position, a minimum wage for the club, which since 2016 stably maintains European levels. This would be the eighth consecutive European qualification, also considering two participations in the Champions League with Inzaghi And Sarriand the eleventh under the management of Lotitoincluding the 2014/15 when they were eliminated in the Champions League preliminaries with Pegs. Lazio have only reached the quarter-finals of the Europa League twice (in 2013 with Petkovic and in 2018 with Inzaghi), while on other occasions he participated with less determination, perhaps focused more on the championship. Next season, the ideal would be to face the competition with the aim of going all the way.

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