Lazio report cards: Marusic pushes, Kamada creates

Carlo Roscito Saturday 20 April 2024, 08:43


Tudor (all.) 7

Three important points to light up the championship finale. He is not interested in the controversy and confirms the anti-Salernitana formation: Felipe and Luis reward his choice.

Mandas 6

He goes out courageously until the three-quarter mark. Few saves, the failure to catch in the final was conditioned by the foul suffered.

Patrick 6.5

Technically he manages exits better than anyone. Nice finish on Spence’s cross.

Farmhouse 5

Yellow card away from goal for a foul on Retegui. The Argentine then takes the ball away from him on a stop which is a shot on goal. Out at halftime.

Romagnoli (1st st) 6.5

Dangerous with his head on the corner, he is careful from behind.

Gila 6.5

He shares with Kamada in the mess of the first half. But the commitment is maximum and when he has the field he pushes with his head down.

Marusic 7

Promoted captain. He starts on the right, moves to the left, his life is a non-stop race.

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