Osimhen, in the defense brief Napoli will explain the price of the four youngsters who ended up at Lille (Il Fatto)

Osimhen, in the defense brief Napoli will explain the price of the four youngsters who ended up at Lille (Il Fatto)
Osimhen, in the defense brief Napoli will explain the price of the four youngsters who ended up at Lille (Il Fatto)

De Laurentiis explained to the Prosecutor’s Office that Lille had an interest in promoting young people. Napoli will specify that the Transfermarkt values ​​do not regulate a negotiation

Mg Napoli 04/06/2023 – Serie A football championship / Napoli-Sampdoria / photo Matteo Gribaudi/Image Sport in the photo: Aurelio De Laurentiis-Victor Osimhen

Il Fatto Quotidiano, with Vincenzo Iurillo and Vincenzo Bisbiglia, writes about De Laurentiis’s hearing at the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome as part of the investigation into fictitious capital gains, the hypothesis of the crime being false accounting. At the center of the investigation was the negotiation that brought Victor Osimhen, then a Lille striker, to Naples in 2020.

De Laurentiis: “No overestimation of the youngsters who ended up in Lille”

According to what Il Fatto writes, De Laurentiis would have explained that the youngsters who ended up at Lille were all prospective:

For the Roman prosecutors there would have been an overvaluation of the youth players Luigi Liguori, Claudio Manzi, Ciro Palmieri and the goalkeeper Orestis Karnezis, included in the deal, allowing the Italian club to budget a “fictitious capital gain” of around 20 million EUR. De Laurentiis, assisted by lawyers Fabio Fulgeri and Lorenzo Contrada, explained that the four youngsters involved in the negotiation were all prospective, that the French club had an interest in valorising the youngsters, while in that period Lille had received offers of up to 70 million of euros cash“.

The president reiterated that the club did not need to make capital gains. In the defense brief that they will present to the Prosecutor’s Office, the lawyers will refer to the acquittal of the sports justice for the same matter. The work of the transfer team in the Osimhen operation will also be clarified:

In a memorandum that will be filed in the next few days, excerpts will be reported from the FIGC Prosecutor’s Office which acquitted Napoli and its management for the same facts, affirming the principle according to which the values ​​indicated by the Transfermarkt.it website – used by the investigators as indicators – they cannot regulate a negotiation between football clubs. It will then be documented how the “construction” of the price of the four young people took place“.

The gist of the audition: «It was a negotiation conducted entirely by Giuntoli”

Over two hours of “interrogation” in which De Laurentiis clearly reiterated that the negotiation was conducted by De Laurentiis:

«It was a purely sporting negotiation. And the assessments of the players, even the young ones, were sporting. It was conducted entirely by the former sporting director Giuntoli. I don’t even think I’ve ever met the president of Lille.” It is the meaning of one of the concepts expressed this morning by the president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, during the approximately 2 hours of interrogation at the Rome Prosecutor’s Office“.

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