Eight Chinese balloons over the skies of Taiwan

Eight Chinese balloons over the skies of Taiwan
Eight Chinese balloons over the skies of Taiwan

AGI – Eight Chinese balloons passed near northern Taiwan in the last 24 hours, repeating a record recorded in recent days. This was reported by Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense. The hot air balloons were at an altitude between 3,657 and 7,924 meters at a distance between 74 and 209 kilometers north of the coastal city of Keelung, without flying over the territory of Taiwan.

The first time the presence of a Chinese balloon was reported across the border of the strait dates back to December 8th. Taiwan has since detected 98 near its territory, 26 of which flew over the island.

For the Taiwanese government, sending the balloons across the strait is part of the “grey zone” tactic undertaken by the Chinese military to instill fear among the island’s population. The incursion of these eight balloons took place in a particularly conflictual context between China and Taiwan after the death of two Chinese fishermen around the Kinmen Islands, an archipelago controlled by Taipei which is located a few kilometers from the south-eastern Chinese city of Xiamen.
After the incident, China announced “patrols” in the area to “protect the lives and property of fishermen”, accusing Taiwanese authorities of treating Chinese fishermen in a “harsh and dangerous” manner, although Taipei insists that its coast guard proceeded “according to the law”.

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