Paid Facebook and Instagram: it’s now decided, here’s how much you have to pay

Big news regarding the famous social networks. Now Facebook and Instagram are paid: here’s how much you will have to pay

Facebook and Instagram have been the most popular social platforms in the world for years, with millions of users downloading and using these apps every day. But despite their enormous success, these platforms have never stood still: they have continuously evolved, adding new features and improving the user experience.

Will Facebook and Instagram be paid? –

However, news recently made the news that Facebook and Instagram may soon become paid. This news has sparked the interest of many users, who are wondering how much it would cost to have access to these apps in the future. In the rest of the article we will explore this possibility and analyze the possible costs that users may be required to use Facebook and Instagram.

Paid Facebook and Instagram

But it’s not just a can novelty on the payments front: in fact, Facebook and Instagram have many other incredible news in store for the future, from new features to changes in privacy. However, the news of the move to a paid model has caused confusion among many users, who are wondering how it will work and how much they will have to pay to continue using these apps. In the rest of the article we will try to clarify these issues, explaining what will be new and how much it will take to pay to access the premium features of Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s why Facebook and Instagram Will they be able to become paid? –

One of the new features coming to Facebook and Instagram concerns the introduction of the program “Meta Verified“. Following in the footsteps of Elon Musk, Zuckerberg wants to create new sources of revenue by offering its users the possibility of subscribing to a monthly subscription that will allow them to have a blue check and additional services in the field of privacy protection. According to well-known Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra, the service will launch in Australia with pricing ranging from 19.99 to 24.99 dollars for purchase on the web and from 23.99 to 29.99 dollars for purchase via Android and iOS platforms in New Zealand. In addition to blue tickyour subscription will allow you to authenticate your account with ID, get extra protection against identity theft, and quick access to support.

Therefore, Facebook and Instagram users will soon be able to pay a monthly subscription to have the much desired blue check, which until now was reserved only for personages notice. This recognition can increase the credibility of a profile and users’ trust in the verified account. Thanks to the “Meta Verified” program, Zuckerberg’s social networks are moving in a direction in which they seek to increase revenue sources and offer their users new paid features.

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