Zapata and the curious gift from Atalanta fans to Duvan

Lots of applause and a special gift: the Atalanta fans organized a nice welcome back for the former Zapata before the match against Torino. As in the most classic Italian festivalsthe Colombian received a barrel of wine as a gift, the big ones. And the grenade player seems to have appreciated it. He accepted with a smile, complete with photos together with the Bergamo supporters.

Atalanta fans pay homage to Zapata

At Atalanta the celebration after the Europa League victory against Bayer Leverkusen is not over. And the fans have not forgotten the former players either, who made the Dea great in past years. And he certainly figures on this list Zapata. With Gasperini’s team he achieved historic goals and achieved them 82 goals and 43 assists in 191 games. Five seasons lived to the fullest with the Nerazzurri colours, before moving to Torino in the summer transfer window. With the Granata he scored 12 goals and contributed to a good season, which it could end with the conquest of a place in the Conference League, in case of Fiorentina’s victory in the final against Olympiakos. In the meantime, Zapata will be able to have a drink while waiting for the verdict.

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