The first phase ended with the tie break victory over Brazil · Volleyball Nations League 2024

The first phase ended with the tie break victory over Brazil · Volleyball Nations League 2024
The first phase ended with the tie break victory over Brazil · Volleyball Nations League 2024

How did the Italy vs Brazil volleyball match go · Men’s VNL 2024

Ferdinando De Giorgi he only makes one change in the starting sextet compared to previous appearances, making his starter his debut Simone Anzani, to date only substituted during the match in progress. Confirmed as setter Simone Giannelli and Yuri Romanò opposite to. Alessandro Michieletto and Daniele Lavia are still the chosen couple for zone 4. Roberto Russo in the center with Fabio Balaso in defense.

Simone Anzani himself scores the first point of the match for Italy.

The Maracanazinho explodes against the wall decided to Darlan Ferreira Souza on Michieletto (10-8).

The defense attempt by Lavia, who managed to recover a ball that splashed beyond the baseline LEDs, was not rewarded and, thanks to an ace from Yoandy LealBrazil takes the lead 13-10.

Flavio Gualberto makes Michieletto his wall prey; the Brazilian national team grinds out point after point and thanks to the central defender, former Sir Safety Susa Vim Perugiathey move to 18-12.

De Giorgi urges his team not to dwell on mistakes but to move forward. The council works until 21-16.

Fernando continues to exploit his central defenders, who reward him with profitable and winning attacks, such as Lucas’ first half which made it 23-17.

Not only great game management, Brazil is also lucky with a combined wall by Leal and Lucas who pinches the baseline. Set point for the green and gold who confirm their supremacy on the block (7 fundamental points in the first set) and close 25-17.

Italy wants to redeem the unconvincing performance of the first set and immediately takes command of the second set 3-7.

Lucarelli sees the light between Romanò’s wall and the bar and closes a textbook long line in front of a helpless Giannelli.

Darlan warns his teammates to close the block better to avoid another point from the Italian opponent 6-9.

Lavia places a first lob right behind Darlan and Flavio’s wall and then decides to also affect from 9m (7-13). Giannelli wants to enter the scorer lottery and disguises himself as a spiker (8-14).

Italy increases the lead to +8. The 22nd Italian point comes from a rather bizarre reception by Leal and ends with a jumping dribble attack by Michieletto.

Riccardo Sbertoli enters for the set point Italy and offers his team a huge contributionputting the Brazilian reception in difficulty and allowing Michieletto to close with a smash: 15-25.

In the third set, at 5-3, the atmosphere heats up at the Maracanazinho due to a controversial referee’s call on a possible touch at the net.

The Brazilian wall festival starts again, with Leal stopping Romanò (10-4). They take over Luca Porro And Alessandro Bovolenta; the latter scores his first point in the Volleyball Nations League by blocking Leal (12-6).

19 years and the character of a veteran: Bovolenta scores a winning ace for 14-8. Anzani reads the intentions well Fernando and clocks out saying no to Darlan.

Italy tries to get closer to Brazil with Michieletto (16-12) and Bernardinho calls time out. The Italian pressure leads the green and gold to make errors in the attack phase with Darlan and Lucas (16-14).

The Italian comeback ends with Leal placing a ball in the middle of the field, dropped by Porro (16-15).

An instinctive defense of the foot by Porro and an error from nine meters by Lucarelli make it 19-18. Giannelli’s honesty who in the hot moment of the third set admits a touch to the block which would mean a draw for Italy, but gives the 22-20 to the Brazilians. Applause also from Bernardinho for the fair play established.

Lucarelli closes the set with a hands out on Bovolenta: 25-22.

De Giorgi confirms Porro and Bovolenta on the pitch in place of Lavia and Romanò and it is the two young Azzurri who bring Italy to 4-9.

An error in progress support of Bovolenta allows Brazil to shorten and reach -4 (10-6).

High attack on the hands of the wall and deep in zone 6 is Michieletto’s choice for 9-14.

Anzani opts for one short joke and leaves the Brazilians powerless as they make no sign of any attempt to receive (11-16). Michieletto crosses the left-handed shot and scores the 13-19.

Galassi snipes Lucarelli with the serve (15-22). The Brazilian three-man block does not scare the Trentino Volley spiker who brings the Azzurri to 17-23.

Captain Giannelli look for Adriano in reception and give Italy access to the tie break: 17-25.

The first tie break for the Azzurri of the 2024 Volleyball Nations League.

Fifth part completely balanced. Darlan shoots out, but there’s a touch of the blue wall. Then Bovolenta sends the serve into the net (6-7).

At the changeover, Italy has a two-point advantage over its opponents (6-8). Lucas, attacking, commits an invasion goal with his foot, but Galassi doesn’t take advantage of it from the service line (8-9).

Brazil remembers how to block and blocks Michieletto, drawing 10-10. Giannelli saves, Bovolenta recovers the ball and Michieletto surgical ends with a hands out on Leal (10-12).

De Giorgi introduces Sbertoli to serve, but the Italian is unable to be incisive, giving Brazil the 12-13.

Michieletto for the match point, canceled out by Bovolenta with yet another serving error.

There is a risk of a 14-all draw with an incorrect referee’s call, confirmed at video check. The match point is replayed and it is still the usual Michieletto to close the match and keep Italy undefeated: 13-15.

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