80 thousand followed the pink cyclists after 24 years

May 23, 2024 will remain a memorable date in the history of sport and the city of Padua. But an event of this type cannot be done justice if it is summarized in the iconic image of Merlier crossing the finish line in Prato della Valle, with Santa Giustina in the background. For this reason it seemed necessary to recount, through numbers, the six months of work and preparation to demonstrate that Padua is ready to welcome a world-wide event like the Giro D’Italia. Around 80 thousand followed the stage in the Padua area live.


«Padua is always beautiful, but yesterday and throughout the last week, it was particularly wonderful – commented the mayor, Sergio Giordani -. There was an incredible atmosphere that gave you goosebumps. I would like to have her here every year, but obviously it’s not possible.” «We have demonstrated that we can host any event of an international nature – declared the councilors for sport and events, Diego Bonavina and Antonio Bressa -. By pedaling together we have achieved a public result, honestly truly deserved».

The stage committee

The Stage Committee, an operational coordination body, was made up of 40 representatives, while the Honor Committee which involved institutional bodies and representatives and saw the participation of 46 people. The collateral and promotional events were 36 collateral events from 26 January to 26 May, when the Giovanissimi G6 category exhibition will close, convened by the Federciclismo among the local clubs. and competition awards

Staff serving citizens

There were 100 police officers and 150 volunteers (grandparents vigilant for the first time) monitored the flow of visitors, ensuring order and safety during the entire duration of the event. Healthcare at the arrival of the 18th stage of the 107th Giro d’Italia saw the use of staff from the Suem Operations Center in Padua, volunteers from the CRI of the Padua Committee and the Terme Euganee Committee. An advanced medical center with 20 beds, of which 2 for intensive care, has been set up in Prato della Valle. 4 ambulances were used, of which 3 from the CRI Committee and one from the Terme Euganee CRI Committee, 6 logistics vehicles, a minibus for transporting people. There were 3 doctors and 3 nurses from the Suem 118 of Padua, 3 doctors and 1 nurse and 17 volunteers from the CRI Committee of Padua. There were 4 foot teams with 10 volunteers from the CRI of the Padua Committee. 13 rescue operations were carried out: 1 red code, 1 yellow code, 3 green codes, 8 white codes.

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