official announcement on June 9th

official announcement on June 9th
official announcement on June 9th

The official announcement could arrive as early as June 9th: the story is keeping fans across the tennis world anxious

Sport moves in the footsteps of its champions, acclaimed everywhere and for years on fields all over the world. If we talk about Rafael Nadalyou don’t even need to look at his palmares to understand that you are in front of aicon that will never be forgottenfor everything he did for tennis.

Fans are anxious about what could happen on June 9 (ANSA) –

We also saw it at the Internationals of Romein which the living legend was eliminated already at second roundmuch earlier than many fans expected, and yet, it was still a great experience for one of the most educated lefties in history, given that he was given a standing ovation on the fields of the capital.

In any case, at almost 38 years old, doubts remain about its futureand there could be one soon official turning point. With many injuries behind him, Nadal doesn’t want to give up and declared to ‘France TV Sport’ that he was happy to continue his career on the circuit. At the same time, he has not yet confirmed his farewell at the end of the season, but added that we don’t know what will happenleaving millions of fans in suspense.

Nadal’s retirement, the official announcement could come on June 9th

Meanwhile, the tennis player must live with an eternal sporting battle with himself, inimpossibility of returning to the levels of the past and having to deal with the limits of his body. This applies even more to the Roland Garros, his favorite Slam, which he managed to win for 14 times in his careersigning a historical record.

Rafael Nadal has not yet confirmed his retirement in 2024 (LaPresse) –

I will play thinking I can give my best. If it’s not enough to win, I’ll accept it“, declared the phenomenon born in Manacor. And he also added: “It’s hard to feel like I can’t compete for what I love so much”. Meanwhile, in Spain there are more and more rumors that he wants to hang up his racket at the end of Roland Garroswhich will end on June 9th and precisely on that occasion theofficial announcement about his retirement.

Therefore, his participation in the next Paris 2024 Olympics also remains uncertain: “The Games are something unique, I want to be there if my body allows me”. The fans hope for it, knowing full well that these are the last steps in a dream career.

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