Giuntoli: “First the accounts, then the new Juve. Allegri? We’ll talk at the end of the season”

The Juventus football director: “We will discuss with Max to plan the future”

“The new Juve? It will arrive, patience is needed. Priority to settle the accounts”, said the Juventus football director Cristiano Giuntoli a few minutes before the start of the second leg of the Italian Cup semi-final between Lazio and Juve. Allegri’s future is also part of the decisions to be made for the future: “We will make all the considerations with the coach at the end of the season, privately. We will speak with him to plan the future”.

on the cup

“For us it is an important goal, one of the clear objectives since the beginning of the year: the Champions League for economic and visibility reasons and then focusing strongly on the Italian Cup. We hope to do well tonight and reach the final.” The analysis of the last period “If we look at the points scored after Empoli there was a drop, probably due to the vanished dream: before everyone gave 140%, now probably 100% which however wasn’t enough, we lost points along the way due to our approach, but also due to questionable refereeing choices. We never speak out, but things are clear with which the VAR never intervened now let’s try to get to the Champions League.”

yildiz the 10th of the future?

“We have many good guys, this summer we gave Kenan a 4-year contract, in the future we will talk to him to plan. We are calm, we want to make him grow calmly. The Juve of the future will arrive, we are aiming for the growth of the boys and patience is needed. I’m continuing a journey that began before me.” A summary of his first year at Juventus: “On a personal level they welcomed me very well, on a professional level I found well-prepared and very ‘Juventus’ guys, dedicated to their work. My arrival after a difficult period, in my opinion, may have helped them to give enthusiasm and to me who have been close to me. It was the entry into a different club, with more pressure and many players to manage. How responsible am I for this season? the accounts, we made a conservative market, then I always feel responsible, I tried to collaborate and motivate everyone, we are united and calm to achieve the objectives. It takes patience, we are arriving at a difficult moment to put the accounts in order and then make a transfer market worthy of this club.”



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