Euro 0 and Euro 1 motorcycle ban: is there a rethink in Milan? – News

Euro 0 and Euro 1 motorcycle ban: is there a rethink in Milan? – News
Euro 0 and Euro 1 motorcycle ban: is there a rethink in Milan? – News

On the part of the Mayor of Milan there seems to be an openness to dialogue regarding the blocking of older two-wheelers in the center of the Lombard city.

April 23, 2024

TOcurrently, it is Free access and circulation in Area B and C is permitted for Euro 2 two-stroke motorbikes and scooters, Euro 2 diesel engines and Euro 0 and Euro 1 four-stroke petrol engines.
The timetable of Palazzo Marino expects that starting from October 2024, the aforementioned vehicles will be blocked (we talked about it here).
In protest against this prospect, motorcyclists organized a rally in mid-March demonstration with a thousand participants, asking to meet the Mayor to evaluate an exemptionas motorbikes would be among the least polluting vehicles in circulation in the city, certainly capable of reducing congestion which has increased significantly in recent times due to the narrowing of the roadways (caused by the new cycle paths and preferential lanes), which led to the cancellation of thousands of parking spaces (which consequently are parked in a no-parking zone). Countering pollution also involves making circulation more fluid, not just banning it).
If we add to these the thousands of delivery vans of parcels and goods, for which a drastically insufficient number of loading/unloading bays have been allocated, the picture is complete.

An opening came from Mayor Salaand this is a good sign: “We need to find the right solution between the protection of the interests of vehicle owners and the health of all citizens. It’s something we’re thinking about.”
The war on pollution demonizes two and four wheels have always been used, but it must make sense, even if this article was written in our editorial office, in a building in the center of Milan, which like others nearby, is still heated by diesel…


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