Taranto, the mother of little Lorenzo left in front of a dumpster: “I risked losing my job”

Taranto, the mother of little Lorenzo left in front of a dumpster: “I risked losing my job”
Taranto, the mother of little Lorenzo left in front of a dumpster: “I risked losing my job”

The mother of Lorenzo, the newborn abandoned near a dumpster in Taranto, is a Georgian citizen and is 24 years old. You now have seven days to decide whether to recognize the child. She watched over him before the farewell. She says she had recently been hired as a caregiver. And that she was afraid of losing her job. The girl has another four-year-old son who is in Georgia. She is currently hospitalized in the gynecology department of the Santissima Annunziata in Taranto. She was interrogated there. About her Her health conditions, explains the Bari edition of Republic, they are good. You are assisted by the lawyer Francesco Zinzi. The girl she would have a partner from whom she is separated. And, of course, another 4-year-old son who lives in Georgia. She would have arrived in Italy in March, already in the fourth month of pregnancy. But there is no certainty that the former partner is also the father of the newborn.

The trip to Italy

She arrived in Italy first by bus to Istanbul, then by plane to Budapest before Bari and then Taranto. She where she worked as a caregiver and lived in the employer’s apartment. No one around her would have noticed that she was pregnant. And she probably hid her status from everyone. She was unaware of the Italian laws which offer the possibility of giving birth anonymously. The newborn still had its umbilical cord attached when it was found. Lorenzo, as the doctors and nurses of the neonatal intensive care unit of the Santissima Annunziata hospital where he is hospitalized called him, weighs about 3 kilos. Her mother did not have any checkups during her pregnancy. But he is fine and was born on time. Mayor Rinaldo Melucci has activated a fundraiser. The iban for donations is IT 98 X 05385 41330 T20991870311, the reason for this is «donation for little Lorenzo».

What risks

The woman is still under investigation for abandonment of a minor. In the event that the more serious charge of attempted murder of her baby should be contested, you risk her arrest. You explained that you acted in the grip of “a moment of disorientation and disorientation, caused by the fear of losing your job as a caregiver in Taranto”. According to what is learned, the very young woman would also be thinking of recognizing her son, to whom the doctors gave the name of Lorenzo. She found work as a carer through a cooperative.

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