in Bagolino a lumberjack killed by a tree, in Macherio a worker crashes into a construction site

in Bagolino a lumberjack killed by a tree, in Macherio a worker crashes into a construction site
in Bagolino a lumberjack killed by a tree, in Macherio a worker crashes into a construction site

Brescia – Again died at work. in the Brescia area, in Bagolinoa worker saws a trunk, the tree gives way with a crash and it overwhelms him, killing him. In Macherio instead, in the province of Monza-Brianza, the victim falls from the scaffolding into a swimming pool construction sitehits his head and dies. Their names are respectively Daniele Salvini, 33, and Rosario Frustaci, 61.

The tragedy of Bagolino

Yesterday morning in Bagolino Daniele Salvini he worked on the deforestation of a green area partially destroyed by the Vaia storm between via Cerreto and Riccomassimo. Recently married and father of a six month old baby he was also a volunteer firefighter for the Bagolino detachment and worked on behalf of the Salvadori Felice company in Storo (Trento). Based on the first investigations, he was working with some colleagues on the arrangement of the wood that runs alongside the road and still bears the signs of the bad weather wave of 2018. Suddenly, around 11.30, something went wrong and Salvini he remained under an unexpectedly collapsed log. The firemen of Storo, who had arrived from the nearby province of Trento, lifted the tree and realized that there was nothing more they could do for their friend and colleague. The air ambulance also landed in Bagolino, but the intervention of the doctors proved to be useless. Ats and Asst del Garda technicians will take care of the investigations to clarify the dynamics of the accident for now, then the Public Prosecutor’s Office will evaluate whether to delegate the carabinieri to investigate any safety regulations violated by appointing the soldiers of the Salò Company.

In March, still in Bagolino, another victim was registered due to a photocopying accident, which also happened in the same area. To lose your life Massimo Fusi, a 52-year-old local craftsman, crushed under his son’s eyes by a log he was sawing, in that case on land he owned. And again, a few days earlier another woodcutter had died in similar circumstances: Martino Andrea Febbrari, 42, an employee of the Alta Valcamonica Consortium, killed by a volley of stones moved by the tree-cutting operation in the Berzo Demo area.

The drama of Macherio

Meanwhile in Macherio, in the province of Monza-Brianza, a worker fell from the scaffolding, hit his head and lost his life. The victim, Rosario Frustaci, 61 years old, originally from Catanzaro and residing in Cantù, in the Como area, was at work on a construction site set up for the construction of a swimming pool. The tank he was working on was four meters high. The casting to finish off the upper part of the wall had just been prepared and the arrival of the cement mixer was awaited, when suddenly the worker slipped and fell into the space between the tank and the garage ramp. For him too, help was in vain.

Trezzano, 25 years old dies crushed by machinery on the first day of work

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