Abruzzo, wolf attacks woman with dog: grabs him and runs away

Abruzzo, wolf attacks woman with dog: grabs him and runs away
Abruzzo, wolf attacks woman with dog: grabs him and runs away

Wolves are known to live in Abruzzo, it is no longer an extraordinary fact to meet one near a town or even in the center of a town. This is what happened in the case we are about to tell you about.

A woman had left the house to take her dog for a walk, in the municipality of Divera country of just 965 soulsin the province of Chieti, in Abruzzo. Everything proceeded normally, it was a routine activity, every day at the same time dog and owner walked through the streets of the town.

Except that, at a certain point, a wolf appeared, yes, a wolf with non-peaceful intentions. The specimen aimed at the little dog, but the woman promptly took him in her arms, trying to dissuade the wolf from attacking again. Evidently the wolf’s intentions weren’t so good, as he returned to the attack, chasing her woman, attacking her and causing her to fall to the ground; it is in that juncture of time that the predator took possession of the poor little dog, he grabbed it and took it away from the woman, and then fled vanishing in the green of the woods.

It all happened within seconds, a shocking scene that would have left any witnesses stunned. When she was reached by rescuers and the first inhabitants rushed, recalled by her screams, the woman appeared understandably shocked and very suffering and worried thinking of her faithful friend disappeared in the jaws of the wolf.

Bloodstains were found along the escape route which would suggest a bad end for the poor dog, who died devoured, like any wolf’s prey.

The deputy mayor arrived on the spot Joseph DiNardo which set the alert in motion, so they intervened on 118, the health workers of the ASL, i Carabinieri of Palombaro and of the Forestand the institution Majella National Park. The 118 health workers provided first aid to the woman who owns the dog, and subsequently transported her to the Pta (Territorial garrison of assistance) of Casoli (Ch) and later to the Emergency Department of Lanciano (Ch). She suffered injuries to her knee and wrist when she fell, and she underwent radiological tests to make an accurate diagnosis.

The mayor of Palombaro, Consuelo Di Martino, has published a short statement on social media addressed to the local community: “This is rather anomalous behavior, therefore, it could be a potentially dangerous specimen. We recommend the utmost caution. If anyone sees him, please contact us ”.

The first citizen of Palombaro, contacted by the “Corriere della Sera” also declares: “It was a very bad experience. For the vet that of the wolf it was abnormal behavior. He may have been removed from the pack.

An English family also reported a wolf attack to his dog the day before yesterday. It could be hungry and potentially dangerous; therefore do not leave food on the street. We also found trash buckets destroyed.” According to the experts who follow and study wolf populations in Italy, an important ecological change is taking place.

“Not only in Abruzzo, not only in Italy, but in many Western countries, there is a rapid evolution of the interface between wild animals and humans: for over 50 years man has abandoned the territories, agricultural and pastoral practices, the presence in rural areas which for centuries had kept wild populations limited, if not completely absent: then we all went to live in the city and today we expect wild animals to stay in their place”. says to the “Corriere della Sera”, Simone Angelucci, head of veterinary service Maiella National Park.

Nine wolves died of poison

Finally, let us recall a very serious fact that happened a few days ago, brought to light by the discovery of nine carcasses of wolf specimens, along with 5 griffins and 2 ravens, in total 16 wild animals killed by poisoned bites, scattered in a limited area of ​​the Abruzzo National Park. An episode of poaching in the territory of Cocullusin the province of L’Aquila, in an area that represents an important ecological corridor that unites the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise and the Sirente-Velino Regional Natural Park, an area also frequented by theMarsican brown bear.

Canis lupus italicus – Apennine wolf

“The spreading of poison on the territory is a criminal practice that must be fought and condemned and which represents a threat to the safety, not only of wildlife, but also of humans and pets. The impact of these illegal activities is enormous and often difficult to verify in its entirety, reflecting in cascade on all the animals that from time to time feed on these sources “, it is explained on the Facebook Page “Canis lupus italicus – Apennine wolf”a Page of information and scientific dissemination on topics concerning biology, ecology, and monitoring of the wolf.

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