F1 – Red Bull: when the problem becomes an opportunity

F1 – Red Bull: when the problem becomes an opportunity
F1 – Red Bull: when the problem becomes an opportunity

You write it Jeddah Corniche Circuitit is read Spa Francorchamps. No, we haven’t gone crazy. This is simply one of the hopes that dwell in the house Red Bull waiting for it to click Saudi Arabian GP. Not that the pole position Of Sergio Perez has annoyed someone in the clan of Milton Keynesbut the idea of ​​being able to win a race by coming from behind, as happened in Belgium at the end of August, it particularly teases an ambitious team that wants to throw off its mask by letting others understand who’s really in charge. An act of force in full style.

And then, needless to go around it, we know what it is Max Verstappen the designated leader of the team, the one who must bring the title that counts, i.e. the pilots. Clearly, a triumph always gives a particular taste, but a victory that comes by recovering from fifteenth position takes anyone into a completely different, more luminescent dimension. Last year, in the woods of the Ardennes, the RB18 he snapped in 14th place after getting the pole then canceled by the penalty resulting from the installation of the third unit relating to the energy recovery system and the new control unit.

Max Verstappen (Oracle Red Bull Racing) prepares to take to the track – GP Saudi Arabia 2023

Red Bull: Verstappen wants to rewrite Spa

This year it was not a technical problem inherent in the power units, but of the breakage of an axle shaft which, during Q2, broke – it should be said – that easy prediction which made all observers believe that the Dutchman could sprint from the closest position to the traffic lights. Eventually it will be P15. The classic context necessary to prepare for a large company. Which can be accomplished thanks to two elements. The first, clearly, refers to the technical ability of a driver who gets excited when there is a need to hammer and to show off overtaking after overtaking.

The second, of course, brings us back to the strength of Red Bull RB19 that also a Jeddah has proven to be the point of reference in the top racing series, rediscovering that top speed that in Bahrain had remained “hidden”. Or rather that she had been disguised as one Ferrari F1-75 with a particularly low set-up that was preferred to the speed trap. When things are back to normal, the creature of Adrian Newey it proved to be once again the fastest car, with the same downforce.

The two-time world champion does not feel left out despite starting from the seventh row: “Am I relaxed? Let’s look at the Grand Prix and try to get some good points. A victory will be difficult, but we never give up. We have a good car, it’s fast. Without a doubt I want to get into the top 10 but I don’t know how high I will be able to get. It will be essential to have a clean first lap and then from there I will see what I can do“.

Max Verstappen (Oracle Red Bull Racing) – GP Saudi Arabia 2023

Red Bull: Sergio Perez claims a chance to win

Clearly the undertaking will not be easy because it must be accomplished also taking into account that this year the group is more compact and that, in fact, the maximum speeds we were talking about previously are not as distant as they were at Jeddah 2022.

Again, it will be necessary to understand whether the problem that emerged during qualifying can be resolved definitively. The impression is that it will be like this, because it was a failure that could also depend on a depression or a curb taken too aggressively. We cannot therefore speak of an endemic fragility, in Red Bull no evidence of this has emerged and Chris Horner himself explained it after qualifying.

The desire to reassemble of Max Verstappen will be parameterized to that, for example, of Charles Leclerc who also intends to move up the group. It is likely that the first cars encountered on the track will be overtaken with relative ease. The problem will manifest itself when it comes to the warmest areas of the group, where the values ​​express more intimate distances.

Clearly a lot will depend on the race strategies that will be set. The Dutchman, starting from behind, could decide to mount a set of medium tires for later switch at soft while the others are up compounds harder. But we will analyze this later in our usual preview strategic.

Naturally, the Dutchman’s ambitions must match the team’s needs. It is unlikely to believe that, even following a great comeback by the pilot of Hasseltthe team can ask Sergio Perez to step aside and leave the road. We’re only in the second race, such an attitude from a team like la is not credible Red Bull.

The director of sporting things of the Austrian franchise, Chris Hornerclearly spoke of an opportunity to be exploited by Perez. The driver from Guadalajara, who failed to win last year after the pole position due to particular joints that arose after the resolution of the safety carwants to take advantage of the opportunity that has arisen after the technical problem with his partner.

Sergio Perez (Oracle Red Bull Racing) the poleman of the Saudi Arabian GP 2023

Given the ease with which he obtained the reference lap, considering the trend of the RB19 in the crucial areas of the track and taking into account the high top speed which is always very useful in defending oneself from the opponents’ attacks, at the moment it is the ex Racing Point the number one candidate for victory.

Carlos Sainz doesn’t seem able to have his say to get on the top step of the podium and it seems that that pinch of performance may still be missing Aston Martin to be on the same level as Red Bull RB19. Because we are certain that a Alonsowith the same machine, he wouldn’t miss the chance to hoist himself on that magical bench he has been missing for too long.

However things turn out, in closing, we are ready to enjoy a great race why have two mastiffs like Verstappen And Leclerc who have to recover from the rear will be a feast for the eyes. We expect duels, overtaking and a show. Don’t disappoint us.

Author: Diego Catalano@diegocat1977

Photo: F1, Oracle Red Bull Racing

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