ROUND 3 & 4 – GRADE – 18/19 MARCH

published Sunday 19 March 2023

ROUND 3 & 4 – GRADE – 18/19 MARCH

Report Time Day1 – Welcomed by a splendid sun, the Assoluti d’Italia 24MX 2023 arrived in Grado, an enchanting town, also known as the “island of the sun”!

On this first day, the riders faced four laps designed in an “eight”, each of 30 km, with four special stages: a sort of sprint race, a test that in the future it could be useful to have experienced well in advance…

Breaking the delay this morning were Max Ahlin (KTM Pro Racing Sport) and Lorenzo Macorito (Fantic Factory Enduro), a couple who at 08:30 was the first to face the starting stage, platform on which Alex Salvini could not appear due to the knee injury suffered in Andora while facing the first 24MX Enduro Test.

The best interpreter of these timed trials was Andrea Verona (GASGAS Factory Racing), who certainly already seemed more at ease on the new EC 350F.

In fact, of the fourteen special stages scheduled, seven were won by the World Champion from Veneto, four by the British Freeman, and only one each by Samuele Bernardini (Honda Red Moto), Hamish Macdonald (Sherco Factory CH Racing) and Holcome Steve ( BetaFactory).

As far as race reports are concerned, Verona started very strong right from the first lap, imposing his pace right up to the end, outdistancing Freeman by more than 14″ and Holcombe by 49″. By doing so, Andrea was able to climb to the top of the standings and take home the Overall of the day, followed by Brad Freeman (Beta Factory) and Steve Holcombe (Beta Factory); closing the Top Five we find Daniel Milner (TM 300 EN Boano Racing) and Nathan Watson (Honda Red Moto).

About the various classes, in the 125 class another victory for Kevin Cristino (Fantic Factory Enduro) ahead of Pietro ScNicola Recchia (TM MC Sebino) won the 250 2T, ahead of Maurizio Micheluz (Husqvarna GS Fiamme Oro Milano/Osellini) and Dany Philippaerts (TM Boano Racing).ardina (Fantic Racing Junior Team) and Alberto Elgari (Beta)

Excellent success for Morgan Lesiardo (Team Sherco Factory CH Racing) in the 300 2T, followed by Matteo Cavallo (TM Boano Racing) and Roberto Da Canal (Fantic Racing Junior Team). In this class we have to record the withdrawal of Lorenzo Macorito (Fantic Factory Enduro).

Moving on to the 4-stroke categories, Thomas Oldrati (Honda Red Moto) won again in 250, ahead of Matteo Pavoni (TM Boano Racing) and Rudy Moroni (Honda),

Dominator of the 450 was, of course, Andrea Verona (GASGAS Factory Racing), ahead of an excellent Samuele Bernardini (Honda Red Moto) on Gianluca Martini (GASGAS Sebino) who confirmed Andora’s excellent performance.

In the Junior class Manolo Morettini (Honda Red Moto) won, Enrico Rinaldi (GasGas) second, Mattia Capuzzo (KTM) third. To note the withdrawal of Gianluca Facchetti (Fantic Factory Enduro), following a fall in the Extreme Bardahl K9.

In the Foreigners class, Brad Freeman (Beta Factory) won again, ahead of Steve Holcombe (Beta Factory) and Daniel Milner (TM Boano Racing).

As for the team/motoclub standings, the GS Fiamme Oro Milano won with Cavallo, Micheluz and Oldrati, ahead of Lago d’Iseo and MC Sebino.

In the Teams, Osellini of the Fantic Racing Junior Team wins the first position.

About the Coppa Italia and the IMF Cup, below are the winners of the day.

Code 50 Gabriele Giordano (Beta); Cadets 125 Alessio Berger (Sherco Factory CH Racing); Junior Thomas Faoro (KTM); Senior Andrea Cescon (Honda); Major Davide Lucchese (Honda); Veteran Fabio Benetti (KTM); Female Francesca Nocera (Honda); In the IMF Cup Tommaso Murgut won the overall and the 2T class, while the 4T went to Kevin Quas;

The fourth appointment with the Absolutes of Italy 24MX Series already tomorrow, with the second day of Grado.

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