TotoTuscia, the prediction game on the results of the matches and winners at the 2024 European Championships

Viterbo – At the Tuscia Shopping Center the football “fortune tellers” are put to the test

There’s no denying it, prediction is part of our nature as extemporaneous football coaches, especially when the “National Teams” are competing with each other aiming for the title of European Champions.

So why not make a game where these skills can be tested? She did it the Tuscia Shopping Center which from 24 June will install a digital totem in its square where we can put down in black and white our forecasts on the competing sports teams.

The game itself is very simple and you can win nice prizes: the score is declared at the end of the second half of the match which will take place that day at 9.00 pm (all hours, not just those in which our beloved national team will be on the pitch) and you adds the prediction of the team that will win the finals on July 14th.

The rest is taken care of by the staff who will be present at the stand who will insert the predictions into the digital totem and issue a receipt for the bet.

For the results of the 9pm matches they can win instant prizes, while guessing the finalist winners will allow them to participate in the final draw of the 4 prizes up for grabs.

All the prizes consist of gift cards that can be spent in all the shops in the shopping centre, a nice gift for those who want to take advantage of the sales which this year will start from 6 July.

Obviously there is a regulation in which the dynamics are explained, the prize money (4,800 euros!)the methods of accessing the game and collecting the prizes won, published on the site

Tuscia Shopping Center

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June 23, 2024

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