‘Poor Caserta!’ Criticism from social networks on roadworks in Via Unità d’Italia

From a social post we received this report regarding the road resurfacing works in via Unità d’Italia, in Caserta. A citizen expressed concerns and criticism regarding the management of the construction site for the sidewalk and cycle path.

After the service station, the pavement resurfacing work and the construction of the cycle path appear to be progressing, but not without problems. The citizen, who often walks on foot, says he is happy with the widening of the sidewalk and the cycle path, but strongly criticizes the errors in the current construction site.

He remembers how the first part of the project was completed a few months ago, in the stretch that goes from Via Sud Piazza d’Armi to the monument. This section is considered a positive example: well-demarcated sidewalk and cycle path, integrated paving for the visually impaired, and a clear distinction of colors (grey for pedestrians and visually impaired people, red for cyclists).

However, in the new section of the construction site, things are going differently. The photos taken show that paving for the visually impaired has been inserted in the red section of the cycle path, causing confusion and dangers. A visually impaired person would find himself walking in the center of the cycle path! Furthermore, the width of the cycle path varies dangerously: in some places it does not exceed 40 centimeters and in others it widens up to a meter, but only in a blind curve.

This lack of coherence and attention in the works pushed the citizen to make an urgent appeal to councillors, associations, councilors and newspapers to intervene. Invite everyone to check the situation for themselves to avoid further errors and improve the security of the project.

If action is not taken immediately, Caserta risks becoming the object of derision. Immediate action is needed to correct errors and ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

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