Bad weather, the Caldogno basin opened. The Municipality invites you to move your cars. Difficult situation in Lower Veneto

Bad weather, the Caldogno basin opened. The Municipality invites you to move your cars. Difficult situation in Lower Veneto
Bad weather, the Caldogno basin opened. The Municipality invites you to move your cars. Difficult situation in Lower Veneto

The intense and incessant rains forced the authorities, around half past midnight, to open the reservoir built on the Orolo to defend the city of Vicenza and the territories downstream of Vicenza on the Bacchiglione basin. This was announced by the regional councilor for civil protection Gianpaolo Botticin.

At the end of a day of heavy rainsthe situation in the Vicenza and Veneto areas is worrying.

“The weather stations of Arpav – explains our reference in terms of weather forecasts, Davide Deganello – which record the highest accumulations in Veneto are close to Small Dolomites. Here are the accumulations that fell from midnight yesterday to 7pm today, to which another 15/30 millimeters of rain fell yesterday evening: 121 millimeters at Rifugio La Guardia (Recoaro Terme), 103 at Valli del Pasubio, 100 at Molini di Laghi , 100 in Staro di Valli del Pasubio, 95 in Recoaro Mille, 78 in Contrà Doppio in Posina, while as far as the middle and upper plains of Vicenza are concerned, 70/85 millimeters of rain fell”.

“Until late in the evening – continues Deganello – we will still have abundant phenomena on the foothills. It can therefore be hypothesized that the Bacchiglione in Vicenza exceeds 5 meters during the night. Luckily tonight and all morning tomorrow there will be a long pause in the phenomena. While in the afternoon another intense nucleus will bring heavy showers and thunderstorms, another 40/60 millimeters of rain will be added to those that have already fallen, bringing some stations in the Pre-Alps to exceed 200 millimeters in 48 hours.

Rivers monitored
The Veneto Region has activated the continuous monitoringthe ‘flood service’, of its technicians for the Bacchiglione, the Agno and the Laverda, in the province of Vicenza. In the evening it was open at the local police command Vicenza The Municipal Operations Center (Coc). “We invite to move cars and goods from the basements of viale Fusinato along the Retrone river. The pumps in viale Stadio and Leoni and installed bulkheads at the Angeli bridge and benches at Debba. Local police and civil protection monitor the swelling of rivers, ditches and ditches” explains the mayor Giacomo Possamai. At midnight the Municipality announced that interventions to protect the fragile areas of the city are continuing, but the river levels are rising: citizens have been invited to move cars and movable goods from the basements of the Stadium area where three pumping pumps are already in operation Viacqua. Sandbags are being distributed in the Stadium area in the square of the Menti Stadium, between viale Trissino and via Del Grande. All updates are available on the website.

Santorso, road interrupted for Sant’Ulderico
There are a few dozen interventions underway in the Vicenza area by the firefighters, all due to flooding: the southern part of the province, towards Pojana Maggiore, and the Sledense area. At 11 this morning, Wednesday 15 May, the firefighters intervened in via dei Tretti in Santorso for two trees uprooted probably due to heavy rain, which fell along the road. No one was involved. The firefighters who arrived from Schio cut down the two plants and cleared the road. The firefighters’ rescue operations ended after about two and a half hours with the road reopening to traffic.

Heavy situation in the lower Padua and Verona area and in Badia
Continuous monitoring from 8.30pm with the ‘flood service’ also for the rivers of Padua. In the Polesine and Padua areas the firefighters reported numerous floods, requesting the support of civil protection volunteers: the districts of Montagnanese, Conselvano, Colli Sud, the Provincial Group and the Vigodarzere group were activated. “In addition to the work of the Fire Brigade – explains the president Luca Zaia – we can count on 50 teams with over 200 Civil Protection volunteers active in the area. There were various requests for intervention, especially in the Province of Rovigo and Padua. The Civil Protection department with the technicians of the Veneto Region is managing the critical issues and monitoring the evolution of the situation of the waterways, for the moment the prudential path. At the moment it has not been necessary to activate the rolling basins”, announces the President of the Region.

“Due to widespread flooding in the Montagnana and surrounding area, dozens of interventions are underway by the Fire Brigade and the Veneto Civil Protection” explains the regional councilor for civil protection, Gianpaolo Bottacin. Particularly interested i Padua municipalities of Megliadino San Vitale (where the Vampador), Casale di Scodosia, Urbana, Montagnana, and the Veronese of Roveredo di Guà, Pressana, Borgo Veneto, Masi and (in the Rovigo area) Badia Polesine. “In the affected area, of 66.42 square kilometres, there are over one hundred reports received at 115 which are still active” concludes Bottacin.

Yellow alert extended until Friday
The Decentralized Functional Center of the Civil Protection of Veneto has meanwhile issued an update notice of hydrogeological and hydraulic criticality, valid until 2pm on Friday 17 May. Arpav’s weather forecast indicates probable heavy showers, even repeated ones, and some intense thunderstorms, especially on the plains in the second part of today. Tomorrow, after a temporary attenuation and thinning of precipitation in the morning except for more significant local phenomena on the eastern plain, in the second part of the day a probable resumption of instability up to disturbed weather with widespread precipitation with showers and thunderstorms. Possible intense thunderstorms between the Pre-Alps and the plain, not excluded locally also persistent especially on the central-eastern plain with specific quantities, even abundant. Thinning and attenuation of the phenomena from the evening.

Compared to yesterday therefore, confirmed theyellow alert for hydrogeological and hydrogeological criticalities for thunderstorms in all the river basins of the Veneto, with the exception of the Alto Piave Bellunese. The state of attention was also declared (yellow alert) due to hydraulic criticality in the Alto Brenta-Bacchiglione-Alpone basins; Lower Brenta -Bacchiglione; Lower Piave, Sile and lagoon drainage basin; Livenza, Lemene and Tagliamento. The ordinary hydraulic risk scenario on the latter two basins is expected from 8 am on May 16th.
In the areas under hydraulic alert, the levels of the main watercourses are expected to rise, with the probable exceeding of the first hydrometric threshold generally contained within the riverbed. Possible triggering of superficial landslides and rapid flows in the mountain, foothill and hilly sectors of the areas under alert; possible increase in the levels of the secondary hydrographic network and regurgitation of rainwater disposal systems with flooding of underground rooms and/or underpasses. For the areas under hydrogeological alert for thunderstorms, the scenario will be characterized by intense and rapidly evolving phenomena.

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