The micro waste collection service for electrical and electronic equipment starts in Cerignola

The micro waste collection service for electrical and electronic equipment starts in Cerignola
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The Municipality of Cerignola is pleased to present the innovative collection service for micro waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). This new service represents a step forward in our mission to make our community more sustainable and responsible. Find out how together we can make a difference! What is “Electrified for the Future”? “Electrified for the Future” is our innovative way of managing small WEEE such as toner or printer cartridges, cell phones, pocket electronics and more. This program aims to encourage environmental awareness and provide an easy way to dispose of your unused or non-functioning electrical devices.

How does it work: Find the nearest collection point: Find out from the list below which school or point is closest to you! Collect your Micro WEEE: Now is the time to search your house for those small electrical items you no longer use. Bring your Micro WEEE to the Collection Point: When you have collected your micro WEEE, take it to the nearest collection point. It’s that simple!

Collection Points:

“Di Vittorio” Primary School via Ercolano, 7

“Padre Pio” Secondary School via degli Oleandri, 1

“Don Giuseppe Puglisi” Primary School, via Montegrappa, 2

“Paolillo” Secondary School via Santuario Madonna di Ripalta, 70

“Don Bosco” Lower Secondary School via Tomba dei Galli n. 5

“Giuseppe Pavoncelli” Secondary School Piazza della Repubblica snc

“Borgo Tressanti” Lower Secondary School Borgo Tressanti-Cerignola

“Cesare Battisti” Primary School Piazza Ventimiglia, 6

Primary School “G. Rodari” viale Maria Santissima Ausiliatrice, 77

“Rossella Rinaldi” Municipal Nursery School, Via Tagliamento

City Palace Cerignola Piazza della Repubblica

Tari Office (Former Court) via G. Falcone, 41


Cell phones, phones, tablets, smartwatches

Power supplies, adapters and cables for electronic equipment

Toner or printer cartridges

USB sticks and keys

Remote controls, mice, keyboards, earphones, headphones

Razors, epilators, electric toothbrushes

Game consoles and accessories


Organic and biological waste

Hazardous materials (batteries)

Harmful chemicals

Flammable materials

Recycling this waste correctly means:

Reduce environmental and health risks

Limit the waste of precious and fundamental materials

Protect the planet

Join us in “Electrified for the Future” and become a true environmental hero! Thank you for your commitment to making Cerignola a better place for all of us.


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