Health Salerno, Chinese delegation at the Ruggi hospital

‘We want to leave a trace of what we are doing’, declared the Director General of Ruggi, Doctor Vincenzo D’Amato, on the occasion of the new meeting yesterday morning, between Italy and China, as part of the ‘Cross Sciences MediCina’ project , undertaken some time ago, between the Salernitano hospital and the Longsha Cultural Association, chaired by Jian Xiao, relating to collaboration, joint training with twinning between the two countries. A cultural exchange that has so far given the opportunity to around 60 Chinese doctors to be hosted in the various departments of the AOU San Giovanni di Dio and Ruggi d’Aragona, as external observers of training practices, humanization, information and approaches towards new technologies doctors active at Ruggi, with the support of the Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry of the University of Salerno. Yesterday’s meeting, in the Scotland Room of Ruggi, saw a delegation full of representatives of the Chinese Republic, welcomed by the Strategic Management of Ruggi, by Doctor Walter Longanella, Medical Director of the Unit, by Professor Paolo Remondelli, of the Department of Medicine , Surgery and Dentistry ‘Scuola Medica Salernitana’, University of Salerno, so that the project in question has a follow-up and new common perspectives of profitable collaborations, in the name of scientific research and commitment in the field, with the availability between the parties to learn, know and promote cultural exchange and professional and human experience, which promotes the well-being of patients. Jian Xiao, President of the Longsha Association, would like to thank the doctors, the Strategic Management and the entire Ruggi staff, for the welcome received during the long period of collaboration and hopes that the training path undertaken can continue for a long time


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