Flowered balconies in Reggio Calabria, the municipality launches a competition

An initiative is open to all citizens which aims to make their balconies more colorful and flowery. Simply send a photo of your creations observing the provisions of the regulation. The winner will be decided by the users themselves. The details to participate.

Reggio’s most welcoming city, the Municipality: «let’s start with the colorful and flowered balconies»

The municipal administration of Reggio Calabria has launched the initiative in recent days: the first edition of the competition “Balconies in bloom” 2024. The objective is to make the city’s balconies increasingly colorful and well-kept, so as to also be able to give a positive signal of welcome to the numerous tourists who will arrive on the Strait between now and the next summer months.

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«The flower is the symbol of value, of nobility of soul, but also of rebirth. The flower is the emblem of something that is born, grows and evolves, to the extent that there is a commitment to taking care of it”, reads the note with which the municipal administration of Reggio Calabria promotes the competition. The hope now is that every “citizen, through his flowered balcony, will give a signal of care, attention and beauty towards the city”.

The competition also has another purpose: it will be an opportunity to highlight the importance of caring for greenery, but also of environmental sustainability, a topic that is still often underestimated today. The competition is open to all citizens of Reggio Calabria, to those who are domiciled there or who have a rented home in the Reggio area. Participation will be free and open.

Flowered balconies in Reggio Calabria, how to participate

Each user must connect to the institutional website of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, at the address www.reggiocal.it, click on the banner “Balconies in Bloom Competition” and download the relevant slip which must be printed.

Subsequently it will be necessary to send to the e-mail address [email protected] one to three photographs (in .jpeg format and no larger than 5 MB) from which the previously downloaded slip is also visible, the print of which must be placed in any visible point of the flowering balcony. In the text of the e-mail it will be necessary to insert the user’s name, surname and the only street where the balcony shown in the photo is located. These operations must take place by 12/05/2024.

The application will not be taken into consideration if the print depicting the previously downloaded slip is visible in none of the three photos. The photos must not be retouched or, in any way, reworked using tools such as PCs, smartphones, etc.

Voting via “IoPartecipo

The choice of the winning flowered balcony will take place via voting through the “IoPartecipo” portal, which can be reached at the link https://iopartecipo.reggiocal.it/. Starting from 05/15/2024, in fact, each citizen will be able to express their preference simply by clicking on the image of the balcony that they consider to be most beautiful. You can vote until deadline of 05/31/2024. The “blooming balcony” that obtains the highest number of votes will win the competition.

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All participants will be sent a certificate of participation to the email address provided during registration for their efforts in making the city more beautiful and colorful.

The first place winner will be awarded a prize by the municipal administration, which will subsequently be communicated through the Institution’s institutional channels and the delivery of which will take place in the weeks following the end of the competition. To view the regulation in full, you can connect to the link https://www.reggiocal.it/Notizie/Details/4864.


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