In San Biagio Platani on Saturday “Walking with Michele… the Easter arches”

Michele Spicola

In San Biagio Platani, in the province of Agrigento, tomorrow, Saturday 20 April, in the council room of the Municipality, at 6 pm the exhibition “Walking with Michele… the Easter arches” will be inaugurated, dedicated to doctor Michele Spicola, anatomist-pathologist at “Vittorio Emanuele II” hospital in Castelvetrano, citizen of San Biagio Platani, who passed away prematurely. The photographic exhibition was created by two FIU (Italian Union of Photographers) authors, Vincenzo Agate and Castrenze Ezio Fiorenza, friends of Michele Spicola. And it illustrates the Easter arches of 2018, when, at the invitation of Spicola himself, they set out under his guidance to document the processes and works created. The title “Walking with Michele … the Easter arches” underlines not only the long friendship and association with Michele Spicola, but also the journey undertaken together to discover the wonders created and admired by visitors in the days of Easter 2018. The exhibition, which under the patronage of the Municipality of San Biagio Platani and the Italian Union of Amateur Photographers, it will be open to visitors until 5 May.

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Angelo Ruoppolo

Professional journalist, from Agrigento. In February 1999 he made his television debut with Teleacras. Since 24 April 2012 he has been the editor in chief of the Agrigento broadcaster’s news. Angelo Ruoppolo has been a guest on numerous national radio and television windows. Just to name a few: Trio Medusa on Radio DeeJay, La vita in diretta on Rai 1, Rai 3 for Blob Best, Rai 1 with Tutti massimo per la tele, Barbareschi shock on La 7, Rai Radio 2 with Le colonna d’Ercole, with Radio DeeJay for Ciao Belli, on Rai 3 with Mi manda Rai 3, with Rai 2 in Coast to coast, with Rai 2 in Gli sbandati, again with Rai 2 in Viaggio nell’Italia del Giro, with Striscia la notizia on Canale 5 , with Radio 105 in the Radio 105 Zoo and Rebus on Rai 3. He was present and mentioned several times on the home pages of the Repubblica and Live Sicilia websites. Ruoppolo’s lookalike, Angelo Joppolo, alias Alessandro Pappacoda, was the protagonist of the successful and popular column “Camera Zhen”, broadcast on Teleacras, and of the Christmas film “Scratch and Run”, with a very crowded “premiere” at the Cine Astor of Agrigento. His videos on YouTube have almost 30 million total views as of June 2023. He was awarded several prizes including: “Sipario d’Oro”, “Alessio Di Giovanni”, “Mimosa d’Oro”, “Pippo Montalbano”. Email address: [email protected]

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