“Massacred”: desperate fans for Gabriel Garko

“Massacred”: desperate fans for Gabriel Garko
“Massacred”: desperate fans for Gabriel Garko
Gabriel Garko | Novanews.it

Some statements shed light on the actor’s indiscretions. Now he is back in the spotlight.

Gabriel Garko, born Dario Oliviero in Turin. Actor, model, born in 1972. His name is often associated with greats drama of Italian television, such as those with a mafia theme such as The honor and the respect and dramatic as The sin and the shame.

In each of them, Gabriel play negative characterswicked and ruthless, but at the same time endowed with a almost melancholic depth, anti-heroic. Among the facets of these roles, the component of the overwhelming emerges fascination: Garko’s characters are bewitching, dark and desirable. Probably precisely because of these roles, Garko has risen to a beautiful and damned sex symbolcoveted by women and men.

However, not many may know that Gabriel Garko begins his acting career with more committed personalitiesFor example Zeffirelli And I laughed, who welcome it into the theatrical and cinematographic womb, forging it. His performances with are also known Tinto Brass.

Over the years, the figure of Gabriel Garko often suffers jolts for one or the other comment of the people of the web. But what happened now with his fans?

The desperation of Garko’s fans

The episode has to do with the interview granted on March 14 by the artist to Francesca Fagnaniconductor of Beasts, a program broadcast on Rai Due every Tuesday evening and available on Rai Play. The dialogue between the two lasts approximately 31 minutes, during which numerous emerge details on the private life of the sex symbol.

In addition to telling about the relationship with acting and his colleagues, Garko also pauses to clarify a point: his coming out several years ago hasn’t detracted from his career, as many seemed to believe. Indeed, according to what he himself says, he has opened the doors to a wider audience.

These are the positive notes. However, some negative ones emerge, not to mention serious ones. A user on Twitter comment on the words of the interview as follows: “They practically slaughtered the fans”.

Gabriel Garko in Beasts with Fagnani | Novanews.it

Garko’s fans are massacred

During the interview with BeastsGabriel Garko talks about some unpleasant episodes caused by some of his fans. “A woman was obsessed with me, she chased me. She wanted my seed to be able to have a child with my genes” says the actor.

The dismay grows when he then delves into the subject: “Success is a consequence of one’s work and I appreciate that, but what I hate about fame is fanaticism. I have been persecuted many times. I felt objectified“.

The presenter then replies harshly, revealing the danger constituted by a fan slice of the artist, but with elegance, Gabriel replies as follows: “Don’t insult my fans, please”. They are not all like that.

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