«He needs sustenance to train»

Hunger strike ended for Alessia Pifferi. The 38-year-old sentenced to life imprisonment for the multi-aggravated voluntary murder of her daughter Diana is currently detained in the San Vittore prison and on Monday 20 May she had made the decision to stop eating, communicated the following day by the lawyer Alessia Pontenani: «She is very ill, it is destroyed. She does nothing but cry,” she explained.

The hunger strike interrupted

A few days after the decision, according to what was reported by “Quarto Grado”, Alessia Pifferi would have requested to be able to dedicate herself to the gym for an hour a day. After she was granted permission, the inmate would have resumed eating in order to be able to dedicate herself to physical activity with the necessary sustenance. According to some internal reports cited by the Rete 4 programme, Alessia Pifferi was recently subjected to a psychological examination which did not reveal an “anti-conservative” state in her or detect “repentance”.

Alone in the world

One of the psychologists who assist Alessia Pifferi in prison declared: «I believe that she is not able to think about a hunger strike, but that she is in a depressive and reactive situation in the face of a trial that is heavy for her from all points of view. view. With this process she understood that she was alone in the world and that that little girl was perhaps the only person who could have been close to her.”


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