Sandokan, Can Yaman has found his Lady Marianna: This is who she is

Sandokan, Can Yaman has found his Lady Marianna: This is who she is
Sandokan, Can Yaman has found his Lady Marianna: This is who she is

New previews of Sandokan with Can Yaman as the protagonist arrive on social media. Here’s who the actress playing Lady Marianna would be.

Can Yaman and the cast of Sandokan they are preparing for the first take of the Lux Vide TV series, a remake of the 1970s series of the same name with Kabir Bedi inspired by the narrative cycle by Emilio Salgari. The Turkish actor revealed on Instagram part of the cast and now they arrive Previews sensational also on the actress who will lend her face to Lady Mariannathe beautiful and fascinating Pearl of Labuan.

Can Yaman find his Pearl of Labuan? Previews on Sandokan

Less and less is missing first take of Sandokanthe Lux Vide project that was announced several years ago and which will finally see the light, with filming starting at the end of April in sensational locations in Calabria. Can Yaman is the Malayan Tigerlegendary character created by the brilliant pen of Emilio Salgari and personified in the seventies by Kabir Bedi, and announced on Instagram that with him there will be Alessandro Preziosi. When the project was announced, it was certain that Luca Argentero he would have played the role of the faithful Yanezhowever, during the course of the film, things changed and the role went to Preziosi, an actor equally loved by the public.

As the cast takes shape and Can is satisfied with the climate that reigns with his colleagues after the first official reading of the script, which allowed them to get to know each other better and compare notes before finding themselves in front of the cameras, the public is wondering about the identity of the actress who will lend her face to Lady Marianna. Initially it was thought that it might have been Alessandra Mastronardi the face of the Pearl of Labuan, but the actress has never confirmed the rumor and is busy on other fronts at the moment.

A few hours ago, the Cinemotore social page finally revealed the actress’s identity, confirming that just a few hours earlier Can Yaman started following her on social media. It’s about the beautiful one Alanah Bloora young performer who is known for starring in Margarita Milne’s short film, “Waves”, and in the film “Histeric”by Izzy Wilkinson. Beautiful, delicate and very elegant, Bloor seems perfect for the role of Pearl of Labuan who wins the heart of the wild Sandokan, and actually combined with the bohemian beauty of Yaman the two form an explosive couple to say the least. What do you think?

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