Hybrid solar panels: what they are, how they work and how convenient they are

hybrid solar panels could be a good green choice for us. How do they work, and above all how much do they cost?

The more effective energy solutions they are not always those of saving electricity, contrary to what you might think of course.

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It is also a question of choosing alternatives that could be of support to us at all times, as well as of selecting real tools to be able to succeed in one’s intentions. This, therefore, implies that more effort is needed on our part. For example thinking about buying gods hybrid solar panels might be a good idea, especially these days.

Currently they are considered innovative energy solutions that combine the functions of a solar thermal panel and a photovoltaic one, allowing you to make the most of renewable sources in order to produce energy. But there is much more they can do, as well as to explain to us in the end: read carefully what we are about to tell you.

Hybrid photovoltaic panels, pros and cons to know before buying

They are considered as electronic devices that can possibly combine the photovoltaic and thermal effect for generate electricity and heat. These panels consist of an insulating substrate, on which copper or aluminum pipes are mounted which have the specific function of ducts for the heat transfer fluid. Above these tubes, finally, are mounted the photovoltaic modules that convert solar energy into electricity.

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To work to the best of their ability they tend to exploit solar energy in two different ways. The first is the traditional photovoltaic effectwhich as you well know allows you to transform sunlight into electricity, while the second is simply thethermal effectwhich instead uses solar energy to heat the water or the heat transfer fluid contained in the copper or aluminum pipes.

The advantages of hybrid solar panels are many. The biggest is probably to be able to produce electricity and heat at the same time, consequently the system can cover a wide range of energy needs, such as domestic water heating, space heating or the production of electricity for the home or business. All this translates into excessively low consumption.

But, like any beautiful thing, this too has significant disadvantages. The purchase cost varies and is always high, moreover their installation is very high since they are not simple photovoltaic panels. As if periodic maintenance were not enough and any future price problems, if we wanted to add accessories perhaps, they could scare us, but it is nothing compared to the benefits we could obtain.

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