European exchanges on parity. In red Piazza Affari

European exchanges on parity. In red Piazza Affari
European exchanges on parity. In red Piazza Affari
(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Negative session for the Milanese price listagainst the trend compared to the rest of the European Stock Exchanges, which instead trade on parity.

No significant change for theEuro / US Dollar, which trades on the previous day’s values ​​of 1.063. Positive session forgold, which is taking home a gain of 0.83%. Positive session for oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil), which shows a gain of 0.96%.

Slight worsening of spreadswhich rises to +185 basis points, with an increase of 2 basis points, with the yield on the 10-year BTP equal to 4.01%.

In the European stock market scenario essentially unchanged Frankfurtwhich reports a moderate -0.15%, remains close to parity London (-0.01%), and undertone Paris showing a filing of 0.22%.

The Milanese price list continues the session just below parity, with the FTSEMIB which limits 0.28%; on the same line, it ranks below parity the FTSE Italia All-Sharewhich recedes to 27,987 points.

Slightly down the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (-0.42%); on the levels of the eve the FTSE Italy Star (+0.18%).

Between best Italian stocks large-cap, well-set Saipemwhich shows an increase of 1.73%.

Toned Tenaris which highlights a nice advantage of 1.52%.

Small step forward for STMicroelectronicswhich shows a progress of 1.27%.

Composed ENIwhich grows by a modest +1.07%.

The worst performances, however, are recorded on Phinecuswhich gets -3.05%.

Bad sitting for Telecom Italywhich shows a loss of 2.58%.

Under pressure Leonardowhich shows a drop of 2.23%.

Slide Italgaswith a clear disadvantage of 2.15%.

At the top of the mid-cap rankings from Milan, Webuild (+7.68%), Salcef Group (+3.03%), wiit (+1.47%) and Antares Vision (+1.45%).

The strongest declines, however, occur on MPS Bankwhich continues the session with -3.49%.

In red doValuewhich shows a marked decrease of 2.81%.

The negative performance of MARRwhich drops by 2.19%.

El.En drops by 1.98%.

Among the data relevant macroeconomics:

Friday 03/17/2023
05:30 Japan: Service index, monthly (previously -0.4%)
11:00 am European Union: Labor cost index, annual (previously 2.9%)
11:00 am European Union: Consumption prices, yearly (expected 8.5%; previous 8.6%)
11:00 am European Union: Consumption prices, monthly (expected 0.8%; previous -0.2%)
2.15pm USA: Industrial production, annual (formerly 0.8%)
2.15pm USA: Industrial Production, Monthly (exp. 0.2%; previous 0%)
3pm USA: University of Michigan Consumer Confidence (expected 67 points; previous 67 points).

(Ticker) 17-03-2023 13:00

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