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Andrea Valle

April 20, 2024

The new numbers of the car market still demonstrate the difficulties of Stellantis: the group led by John Elkann And Carlos Tavares registered 228,740 cars in Europe in March, the8.7% less of the same month of 2023. The market share decreased from 17.6% to 16.5%, marking a worsening of 0.9%. The numbers for the first three months of the year bucked the trend, with group registrations at 598,167 (+4.2% compared to the same period last year). At the beginning of 2024 the market share remains practically unchanged at 17.6% (it was 17.7%, with a very slight drop of 0.1%). Meanwhile, the strong ones remain concerns for the future of Italian factories of the group.

He spoke on this point yesterday Rocco Palombellageneral secretary of Uilm: «After the great mobilization in Turin, which saw the participation of over 12 thousand people, we ask the CEO of Stellantis to set a urgent meeting to receive concrete answers to the requests that form the basis of the protest”. The last summit – held two days before the Turin strike – according to the union delegations «fueled further concerns among workers and in the country. The confirmation is that nothing has changed in the production sites, on the contrary the situation is worsening day by day. The hours of layoffs due to production stops are increasing and the cuts in contracting and logistics companies continue.” After Melfi, adds Palombella, «the situation is dramatic also in Cassino, where the 225 workers of five companies risk losing their jobs. After staff cuts in these companies, the health and hygiene situation at the sites is worrying. We condemn this choice by Stellantis and ask to restore a climate of normality, recalling all affected workers to work to guarantee health and safety.”

Chapter Junior. Alfa Romeo – after the name changecar made in Poland – jokes about the farewell of the “Milano” denomination. A playful gallery of images has appeared on Alfa Romeo’s social profiles, and relaunched on his own by CEO Jean-Philippe Learned, showing Junior’s name in the middle of Lombardy. A way to definitively dampen the controversy after the issues with the government over the car. «Despite believing that the name Milan complies with all legal requirements – Learned himself had said when announcing the ongoing change – Alfa Romeo decides to change the name from Milano to Junior, with a view to promote a climate of serenity and relaxation». And the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, who had previously defined the choice of the Stellantis brand to produce the new model in Poland with the name Milano as “illegal” “because it violates the law on Italian Sounding”, had said he was satisfied with the choice. As for the Mirafiori desert, yesterday the governor of Piedmont Alberto Cirio: «There is concern about the future and the need to work together with the government so that Stellantis increases production in our country». For Cirio, “we need to ensure that the incentives, which today only a fifth of are used to buy an Italian car, are instead used in greater quantities”. The governor insisted on the need to «increase car production in Italy, starting with Stellantis.” «The Region is ready to do, as it has already done, its part precisely because Stellantis remains for us, for Piedmont, for Turin, an essential reference»


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