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The book by Nunzia Drago, the young girl who lost her life in June 2021 at the age of just 17, has now been published. Mother Raffaella in “Chapter Life”, By Leandro Publishercompletes the story started by Nunzia, a teenager with the dream of becoming a writer.

Through these pages, Raffaella (with Mariavittoria Veneruso, editor of the text) intends to give a voice to her daughter, speaking to the boys: «Life is beautiful, it is only one, it is worth living, don’t waste it. Nunzia would have liked to live, you who are here, don’t throw your life away…».

Despite her young age, Nunzia had undergone numerous treatments to defeat first an adrenal tumor and then a lymphatic one, never forgetting to live like all her peers. In fact, between one chemo session and another, the young woman continued to study, dance and go out with her friends, demonstrating extraordinary fortitude.

The publication of this book, which contains chapters written by Nunzia herself, intends not only to realize Nunzia’s dream but also to keep her memory alive, spreading a message of hope and courage.

In fact, Nunzia has always tried to see the positive side of life, even when the disease began to prevail over her. In the pages of her diary, the young woman has found a way to express her emotions and fears, but also her joys and hopes.

His book, therefore, is an invitation to never give up in the face of difficulties, to find the strength to go forward and always seek the best in life.

“Capitolo Vita” – available for a few hours on Amazon and soon in all bookstores – is already in 6th place in the ‘Biographies and autobiographies’ category and will be presented on March 29 at the “Cafiero” high school in Barletta, Nunzia’s school.

Sunday 19 March 2023


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