Strait of Taiwan, near collision between US-China warships

A Chinese warship came one step away from the collision, just over 100 meters from the destroyer American Us Chung-Hoon, engaged in joint business Canada-USA on freedom of navigation across the Taiwan Strait. The brings it back Global Newsbased on the testimony of one of his reporters traveling on HMCS Montreal, the Canadian frigate that participated in the mission, in the South China Sea since May 25th.

Second the reconstruction, the Chinese unit set course to cut off the bow of the US destroyer whose crew advised by radio to change course to avoid the collision. The commander of the Montreal, Capt Paul Mountford, described the incident as “clearly caused by the Chinese. The fact that they announced their intention over the radio before taking action clearly indicates that it was intentional.” According to what has been reconstructed, the ship of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army allegedly gave notice to the American ship of change course and move away.

Beijing claims Taiwan as its territory – vowing to one day conquer it, if necessary by force – and has increased military and political pressure on the island in recent years. The US Seventh Fleet said its destroyer USS Chung-Hoon and Royal Canadian Navy HMCS Montreal were “conducting a routine transit of the Taiwan Strait on June 3 (local time) through waters where the freedoms of navigation and freedoms apply.” overflight on the high seas, in accordance with international law”.

T-Day exercises in Taiwan: defense against the Chinese invasion in 14 “red beaches”

May 15, 2023

“The bilateral transit of the Chung-Hoon and Montreal through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the commitment of the United States and our allies and partners to a Indo-Pacific Free and Open». The Canadian military also confirmed the move. US warships frequently pass through the strait. The last joint US-Canada crossing dates back to September 2022. The Chinese military said it monitored the crossing.

“The countries concerned are intentionally creating trouble in the Taiwan Strait, deliberately fomenting risk and maliciously undermining regional peace and stability,” Colonel said. Shi Yispokesman for the Chinese Eastern Theater Command.

Chinese military exercises ignite Taiwan’s concerns: ‘No escalation’


Last week, the Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong guided two more ships through the 180-kilometre (112-mile) wide Taiwan Strait in a show of strength. US and Canadian warships passed through the strait as the US defense secretary Lloyd Austin and its Chinese counterpart Li Shangfu they were attending a defense summit in Singapore.

The Chinese spy balloon is recovered by the US Navy: “They had not been detected in the past”


The United States had invited Li to meet Austin on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue, but Beijing declined. The tensions between Washington and Beijing they have increased this year on issues such as Taiwan and an alleged Chinese spy balloon shot down after crossing the United States.

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