Giulia Tramontano, who was the 29 year old killed by her boyfriend. Just a few weeks ago buying the kit for your baby

Giulia Tramontano, who was the 29 year old killed by her boyfriend. Just a few weeks ago buying the kit for your baby
Giulia Tramontano, who was the 29 year old killed by her boyfriend. Just a few weeks ago buying the kit for your baby

Julia Tramontano he was 29 years old. In the sheet compiled by the family in those hours of anguish when Giulia was not there is the sketch of the girl killed by boyfriend on Saturday night. 1.68 tall, weight 68 kg, long light hair. You can see Giulia’s photo looking straight at the lens, her slightest smile of hers, the arch of her eyebrows that give her a curious and discreet look. Leaning towards the future. There were only two months left and then Giulia’s future would be overwhelmed by her news: her motherhood, the arrival of her first child. And instead in one night her past was disfigured by lies and her future, and that of a child who was about to be born, severed forever. Because Giulia Tramontano was killed by her boyfriend: Alexander Impagnetielloa 30-year-old boy who is a barman in a luxury hotel in Milan.

Giulia Tramontano dead, here’s where they found the body: the box and the attempt to burn the body

Giulia Tramontano, born in Campania then transferred to Senago

Mom and dad from Campania, in the meantime, Giulia was a real estate agent. She too was born in Campania, she was originally from Sant’Antimo in the province of Naples, but for five years she had been resident in Senagoin the province of Milan. In a photo with his father you can see his right arm entirely covered in tattoos. A life and a bond defined as “stable”.

After a few hours, however, the investigators traced Giulia’s disturbances, the ones that greatly destabilized her. «Shaken and upset», are the adjectives she would have used in a message sent on Whatsapp to a friend of hers. She had discovered Alessandro’s betrayal with a girl who, like her, had become pregnant by him but then she had miscarried. She discovered many, too many things all at once, in a moment in which she was concentrated on thinking about other, so different things. Rompers, bibs, kits.

Giulia Tramontano, who is her boyfriend Alessandro Impagnatiello: the double life with the lover, the job as a barman in a luxury club in Milan

The purchase of the layette in Sant’Antimo

The memory of Tonia, a shopkeeper from Sant’Antimo who had sold her a layette for her son only a few weeks ago, is poignant. Bathrobe, bibs, sheets and all those tiny and soft objects needed to wrap a newborn. «She was very sweet, sunny, very beautiful, well-kept, she went to the gym, she came here with her mother and sister to buy everything necessary for the baby she was expecting: she was happy» says Tonia, explaining that she is shocked by what happened.

«To think that in one of the past weeks you were here with us for the layette, how many laughs there was, how much joy in the heart for the birth of your little child, how much joy in your heart to become a mother, how much happiness in your mother’s eyes to become a grandmother» writes the merchant sending a hug to mother Loredana. The municipality of Senago has proclaimed mourning for the city, but even in Sant’Antimo they are in shock. That girl who so often came back to visit friends and relatives is gone.

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