Murder, suicide or accidental fall? Mystery on the death of a transsexual •

The carabinieri at the scene of the tragedy (photo Migliorini)

It’s mystery about death of a 36-year-old transgender person of Brazilian descentwhich fell on Thursday afternoon, just before 3 pm, from the balcony on the top floor of a residence in Via Cariddicross street of viale Regina Elena in Rimini. A flight of about fifteen meters proved fatal.

The carabinieri from the Miramare station initially rushed to the scene, joined by return of post by colleagues from the provincial command. Also present was the magistrate on duty Paola Bonetti. Impossible at the moment to make assumptions. What filters is that every track remains open, from accidental fall, to voluntary gesture up to murder. On the body of the transsexual, found lifeless on the asphalt wearing only a tank topthe autopsy will be ordered in the next few hours, as well as the toxicological examination which will reveal the possible intake of drugs or alcohol.

From the corpse inspection carried out by the coroner, cuts would have emerged that the 36-year-old may have gotten before the fall. The apartment, which was found to be in order after an initial search, had a broken window and pieces of glass on the floor. It remains to be ascertained whether at the time of the tragedy the victim was alone or in the company of someone. Initially there were some rumors concerning the presence of another person on the balcony together with the transsexual. Rumors, however, that over the hours have not found confirmation. Anyway the soldiers of the Investigative Unit have acquired the footage from the video surveillance cameras of a room near the entrance to the condominium, so as to verify if anyone may have left the residence in those moments, while colleagues in the Scientific Investigation Department carried out the usual investigations in search of traces or footprints of third parties. Traces of blood, probably compatible with the fall, however, were found on the external wall in correspondence with the balconies on the sixth and fourth floors.

In the same hours some witnesses were heard in the barracks. One in particular would have reported not having heard screams, but only the sound of shattering glass, then he would have glimpsed the victim falling into the void. The investigators maintain the utmost confidentiality and continue to work undercover. It will be essential to reconstruct the last hours of the transsexual’s life, including her visits. The investigations will not even leave out the world of prostitution since it cannot be excluded that the 36-year-old used the apartment as a base for red light appointments.

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