Bruce Springsteen in concert in Ferrara: ‘Always enjoy every moment in life’

Bruce Springsteen in concert in Ferrara: ‘Always enjoy every moment in life’
Bruce Springsteen in concert in Ferrara: ‘Always enjoy every moment in life’

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A romantically rock evening Ferrara. Stronger than the rain (UPDATES), stronger than the controversy, illuminated by a star, only one, but how it shone in that sky mottled with clouds and pain. Bruce Springsteen and his The E Street Band they promised three hours of energy and beauty. And so it was despite most of the 50,000, myself included, being ankle-deep in mud, and despite the endless queues to access their sector. The watchword, which was also the song that opened the concert, was “No Surrender“. And no one gave up, since Claudius Trotta which brought the Boss to Italy, to the municipal administration of Ferrara who decided not to cancel the concert (a choice that aroused quite a few controversies) up to who, with different roles, worked day and night to fix what until a few hours before was a swamp.

An explosive Boss

There is only one element of the puzzle that has lost across the board: the dozens and dozens of youngsters placed at the gates and scattered throughout the Giorgio Bassani Park lacked the most basic information. And, in the initial wandering in search of the press room, we too asked questions, giving points of reference but nobody knew anything. And at the end of the concert, the primary concern was to get people to flow out quickly with incorrect or negligent (not to mention opinionated) answers. The problem isn’t the kids on the field, doing what they can at the mercy of a motley crowd, but who recruits and manages them. Springsteen is explosive, just picture him on that finale “Dancing in the Dark”, third to last piece of the concert, he opens his shirt like one of the California Dream Men. And what a physique this 73-year-old young man from New Jersey has. But before dancing in the dark there is “a world to cross”.

The Boss with the guitar to the sky

It’s 7.41pm when he takes the stage. Greetings to Ferrara, the aforementioned “No Surrender” and then we start with “Ghost”, “Prove It All Night” And “Letter to you”, one of the three songs of the evening with Italian subtitles; the second is “Last Man Standing” which is a tribute to George Theiss and the Castiles as well as an invitation to live in the moment, hic et nunc, because Bruce is the last living person of that adventure that lasted the three-year period 1965, 1966, 1967 and, as he underlines when from hello to goodbye the perspective of life changes; the third closes the concert and is entitled “I’ll see you in my dreams”. “Promised land” brings him into contact with his audience for the first time. Meanwhile, darkness descends on the park and the stage can finally light up. To be exact, darkness comes between “Candy’s Room” And “Kitty’s Back”. The concert is a Rossini crescendo. The real turning point, that stuns, starts with a painful version of “wrecking ball” which they follow “The Rising”which was written not to forget 9/11, “Badlands” And “Thunder road” which for the most part entrusts to the public and becomes a spectator. As it should always be, the encores start immediately, without the pantomime of going to the dressing rooms and then reappearing on stage with a toothpaste smile. The sequence is as follows “Born in the Usa”, “Born to run”, “Bobby Jean”, an extraordinary one “Glory days” and hypnotics “Dancing in the dark”. After the presentation of The E Street Band comes “10th Freeze-Out”, a tribute to Clarence Clemons and Danny Federici and the greeting is acoustic, he alone looking for us in his dreams, it is “I’ll see you in my dreams”. Long live Italy, long live Ferrara and the guitar to the sky, raised with an outstretched arm, like a hero of our daily life.


Bruce Springsteen in Ferrara, waiting in mud, queues and dreams

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