Alessandro Venturelli disappeared for 27 months: “Today it has become like this”

The searches and the trail that leads to Holland

The woman who was flanked by the Husband in the previous weeks he had announced that there could be a new element, useful for the search for son. The photo will be sent to the Police mobile team, and will be circulated both in Italy than in Europe: the family is firmly convinced that Alessandro is alive. The reports received fromHolland have unfortunately fallen from oblivion, and even when Roberta went personally to Amsterdam flanked by the crew of the Rai broadcast «Chi l’ha visto?», she was unable to return with particularly useful elements for the research.

The disappearance of Alessandro Venturelli on December 5, 2020

A strong blow to the heart, a heart that has never stopped beating: Roberta, like her husband Alessandro, they won’t give each other until they have him found, for losers. «Mom told me to be careful when you go around, so that they don’t hurt you. The night before her disappearance was the first in which you wanted to sleep alone », said Roberta, who recalled the moments of that cursed December 5, 2020. In the morning Alessandro was particularly nervous, so much so that he broke his mother’s glasses. One of the last fragments of “normal” life, before going out – despite the parents’ attempt to stop him – and leaving the mobile phone within the home walls. Whether or not it’s really in Holland, in those conditions, it’s impossible to say. “I find it very difficult to imagine him as a clochard, but I have to bear in mind that the one who left home was not the boy I knew”.

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