Fratelli d’Italia Alghero distances itself from the mayor Mario Conoci

The city coordinator of Alghero of Fratelli d’Italia Marco Di Gangi, together with the provincial coordinator Honorable Barbara Polo intervene with this note to clarify the nature of the party’s relations with the current mayor of Alghero Mario Conoci. “Many members, some of whom are candidates for the next municipal elections, as well as the allied parties themselves, repeatedly ask for clarity on what Mayor Conoci’s relationship with Fratelli d’Italia is. This request arises from the fact that the mayor himself allows three political exponents who have run in coalition with the 5 Star movement, the PD and other parties and movements of the left to remain in office in his council, with the role of councilors” explains Marco Di Gangi, “It is clear, in fact, that the mayor’s choice to keep exponents of candidates in the so-called “wide field” in the council, even if he publicly declares to refer to the Brothers of Italy with whom he was an independent candidate in the regional elections, it is substantially incompatible with the clear and undisputed right-wing positioning of our party, a founding element of the center-right coalition.”

Barbara Polo urges her to add: “This situation cannot even be justified by administrative needs, considering that these last days of mandate, the permanence of these councilors in a phase in which they can only carry out ordinary administrative actions, is certainly not essential. ”

In summary, Di Gangi and Polo conclude: “Fratelli d’Italia places its clear political position, transparency and repudiation of any form of ambiguity at the center of its relations with voters. For these reasons, having noted, with regret, the unavailability of the mayor to resolve this political inconsistency with an act of clarity, a conclusive behavior capable of eliminating all doubts in his own political community and towards his allies and Alghero voters, our party he sees himself forced to distance himself from the mayor Conoci”.

It is clear, at this point, that Conoci’s journey in Fratelli d’Italia has reached the end of the line. Any subsequent steps that may be decided to take remain to be defined, in agreement with the centre-right allies still present in the council and represented in the municipal subsidiaries.

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