Stadio Napoli between Maradona and Bagnoli, De Laurentiis yesterday reiterated his desire in Rome

Latest SSC Napoli news – Aurelio’s priority De Laurentiis is to build a new stadium in Bagnoli, that of the Municipality of Naples is to be able to host some of the competitions Europeans 2032. Corriere dello Sport talks about it.

Naples Stadium between Maradona and Bagnoli

To achieve this, according to the administration, the shortest route would be to renovate the Maradona. De Laurentiis wants to see clearly:

“He insists on carrying forward his idea of ​​building a stadium and sports center at the Bagnoli Sports Park, he knows the timescales linked to the reclamation of the land – which will last at least another two years – and yesterday he reiterated his desire to delve deeper into the issue to understand the feasibility margins of the project. We will proceed with technical checks at the end of which the parties will update to take stock of the situation” has been selected by the new Google service, if you want to always be updated on the latest news follow us on Google News

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